Check out my new Hog Yeti

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If you’re interested I can get my friend to make you one they’re $40 for 30 Oz…

You can have other logos put on there I just like this have to Facebook her at Tina Anderson Morgan and then send her a message she can do other logos besides this.


Noooo! Popcorn Hog!

She can make it without it I just thought it was pretty cool. She is very good.

you can message her on Facebook at Tina Anderson Morgan and she can show you the different logos

That is way cool.

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Thanks I thought so too. She had done a few for some schools of my friends and I asked her could she do one for me.I loved the Wood grain look, she showed me a few logos and I went with this,but she had a few others.

When I saw the picture, I thought of Houston Nutt and Darren McFadden after the 2007 LSU game. “We got that wood right here, baby.” :smiley:

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Nice!! Does it say bill at the bottom?

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It says Billy…She will put your Name on there for you.



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