Cheat or Go Home: Inside the "Dysfunctional Hell

of Becoming a College Football Coach. CBB gets some good remarks in this article.

Enlightenment into why lots of coaches are willing to risk cheating. One or two others not. Interesting to say the least. … g-national#

An eye-opening article. It seems that in so many places it’s a question of do you want to do it the right way and risk never winning as big as you or your fans want, or do you win big at the cost of doing things the right way? it’s not that way everywhere, but I could see it being that way in many places. We know what fans want and that’s wins; some don’t care how those come. But in the long run, it’s the coach who has to wake up and look in the mirror every morning and live with the decisions he makes. Those millions buy a lot but can they buy peace of mind? Your call …

Be uncommon and the right way is the only way that’s why Bobby Petrino was sent packing! Coach BB is taking some lumps but I don’t think he has forgot who he is, where he came from and what his parents taught him! I respect the man for being himself and taking care of the kids that are hogs!

Wow! Something we all suspect but to hear this kind of detail is somewhat mind-blowing.

Some may have been well aware of what CBB inherited. For some of us, it is a refresher course. I like the way he tries to do what is right. I think that a man or woman who tries to what is right will get some extra time to establish a program as opposed to one who puts a program in jeopardy by cutting corners.

Every dark sider needs to read this.

Sadly, I’m not the least bit surprised!

Now, do we trade our Coach for a cheater and possibly winning a few more games sooner?

I would stick with what we have and hold our heads high at this point.


The story of the players father wanting money reminded me of Cam Newton’s father. Interesting that he ended up at Auburn another school featured in the article.

Nailed it!

Nothing surprises me in college athletics. It’s hard to even know all of the rules, much less know how to skirt the edge. I suspect most suspect the edge. I think in some schools the compliance department helps them skirt the edge with lots of activity in the grey area. That is NOT what they do at Arkansas.

Best article I’ve seen in a long time. Makes me really proud of CBB. It also helps me understand why Auburn, a school with no apparent built-in recruiting advantages, seems to be so near the top so often. (Yeah, I know there’s no evidence against the current coaching staff there & the NCAA couldn’t get any solid proof on Cam Newton, but that Auburn team won a national championship & the program gained recruiting advantages from it for at least 4-5 years. And we have to compete against them. You can bet Ole Miss’s great classes came about because of shortcuts.)

Thank goodness.

Unfortunately, there is a sizable portion of our fan base (and almost every other fan base) that would read this and think “why don’t we do what Terry Bowden said Auburn did?” They would sell their own soul, never mind UA’s soul, for a CFP season.

Is that I don’t see any of the 5-10 posters who constantly complain about us not finishing with enough star rankings in recruiting.

My guess is they’re OK with cheating and just don’t have the nerve to post it.

These are the same people who cried a river when the Monks sold out to UK.

I’m glad CBB and MA do it the right way. Now, they have to find a way to win against some real dirt bags.

Yes. Those who say all we need is a coach who will step up his recruiting need to read this article.

There are some who have basically advocated that. And as you say, they have not commented in this thread at all.

When you start asking people to publicly (albeit on a message board) speak to a lack of integrity, then they will get quiet. Many who feel that way would never vocalize it. integrity does mean something, and even those who would sacrifice it know that.

Maybe because they don’t want deal with the sanctimonious crowd telling them that their opinion is wrong and can kiss good bye any chance of seeing St Peter at the pearly gates

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