Chavis talks to Emmit Gooden

Emmit said it went well.

Wow, he hasn’t been introduced yet talking to recruits. I still find this situation (with Coaches not yet being named) bizarre…

but BTW, glad he is onboard,

It would be great to get him back.

He didn’t go anywhere.

I though he decommited.

He needs 2 classes to play in the SEC…has anything changed with that? Would he actually take those classes to be a hog? I bet he is Big 12 bound.

Very strange, wonder why we haven’t introduced him?.

I have yet to understand why people are getting so bent out of shape that CM hasn’t told Patrick Pierson to write a press release yet. Obviously the “announcement” is not high on Left Lane’s priority list.

He wants to introduce the whole staff at once. The 10th assistant can be officially hired tomorrow. So that is probably the reason for delay.

and you don’t do it before the NC game where all the attention is…would be akin to releasing it at 1600 Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend.

Doing after NC game helps get a little more attention and coverage IMO

So how many D lineman do we take in this class?

(Signed) Nichols, Fulwider, Ferrell

Mincey, Dorian Gerald?, Gooden?

I want them all, but this seems like a lot for one class… Especially when that is going to be a small class to begin with

I’m just putting up a story after talking with him.

He says he needs an art class and is currently taking it online in hopes to be eligible this semester. … inator-jo/

The press release was written way before today.

It was just released today

The SEC requires an “Art” class before he can be admitted here?


One would assume that is a core requirement for the NCAA, not the SEC - which would seem to be the reason he has not signed anywhere yet.

Certainly wasn’t required to graduate, which he has already done.