Chavis Recruitng Problem?

Since he’s our DC and LB coach, are these whips on LBs indicting of him? One of our major NEEDS this year was getting some LB depth, and on this front I would call our efforts a failing grade as of today. It makes me question his skills slipping or ability to close lacking, whatever you want to call it. Not a good optic today in my mind.

I REALLY hope we land a couple of legit transfer LBs this spring, or we are in trouble next year on defense at LB, one injury away from a serious problem.

I really question Chief on these developments. It’s on him to fix it, and CCM.

I don’t question the result of yesterday at all. After a losing 2-10 season what did you expect? He’s part of the reason most of the defensive recruits visited the hill and had the hogs on consideration. Win a few more games this season and continue to grind it out on the class 20 and beyond.
They need to continue to fill the cup up to get quality player to pour into the fold.

So he was a hero in December when we signed all those great defensive prospects and he’s a goat now? Yes we needed one more LB for depth, but overall the defensive recruiting after 2-10 was really, really good.

LBs are probably the easiest guys to replace in current college defenses. If your secondary can’t run, you are in huge trouble, and if your DL does not have depth and talent, you are going to get crushed in the SEC. The biggest needs on defense this year were in those areas, and we did really well in both with this class. So as the DC who got out and worked his butt off to help land those guys, Chavis gets credit.

I expect you will see a couple of quality recruits for the next class at LB. The group on campus now has some talent, but things get dicey if we get down into that fifth or sixth guy.

I think Zimos potentially could help this year out of the current class, though he certainly needs some more weight. Harris is going to make some pre-season all SEC teams, and I think we will see the benefit of throwing Pool in the deep end(bad pun, I admit) last year as a true freshman. Keep an eye on Andrew Parker as well. The depth is going to have to come out of the trio of older LBs(Henry, Morgan, McClure) who really were not very productive last year-despite getting a lot of snaps.

There wasn’t much chief could do about the kid that flipped to ole mi$$ when he was here Sunday he was looking at apartments and telling team members he was coming

The Henry deal was not on the Chief or CCM. They did everything the could and the kid was in town the Sunday before shopping for apartments for goodnesses sakes!!! No telling what went on behind the scenes with the Ole Miss staff and his mom the night before signing day. This loss is not on the staff. Some will make it that way but I disagree on this one.

Russell - now that one is a bummer that he got beat out by the guy who always looks like an unshaven bum on TV every time you see him. Especially with his connections in Tennessee.

Coordinators usually don’t recruit much. Chavis and Craddock do.

Might not have worked out as well as Chavis would’ve liked but I bet next year will be different. He also helped with the the D recruits.

Arkansas having very little success of putting LBs in the league is something to consider. He has a great rep but kids also like to see the past track record and the past isn’t that impressive.

Chavis needs to land the Whitehaven duo in the 2020 class

And then get the twins in jai and Jalen jones out of the next class.

It’s easier to put 4 and 5 star Linebackers in the League than it is 2 and 3 star… So the fact that Arkansas doesn’t put many linebackers in the league is misleading especially given Chavis’ track record with linebackers… If a linebacker recruit came to this logic for not coming to Arkansas then he is just plain out sottish and unlearned.

He underdelivered for the 2019 class.
He’s the biggest name on the staff, he’s got to get most of his guys.

Got beat out straight up for Chris Russell who I believe we were on the longest. That’s the main knock.

The L. Henry issue isn’t his fault completely, looks like everyone thought he was coming he just played us basically. I can’t fully doc the staff for that, although ultimately it does fall on them.

Zimos is really good and someone to be excited about I figure. But we clearly wanted 3 LBers and got 1. So that tells me Chavis didn’t do well this go around.

Respectfully disagree. Track record is a track record regardless. More 2-3 stars in the league than 4-5.

Might have undelivered in the LB spot, but can’t see that he did in terms of overall defense.

Many of the defenders landed held him up as one of the top reasons.

I guess if you are just looking to nitpick you can just a look at a snapshot of the linebackers, but - in my opinion - not the whole photo album of the defense.

The top recruit landed this winter by John Chavis was getting De’Jon Harris to come back for his senior season. That was a huge recruiting job in itself.

I’ll give him kudos just for that.

I hope John Chavis retires in Fayettville (several years down the road). I’ve always respected him and after his steller recruiting job I respect him more. This rebuilt will take more than 1 class to bring us up to SEC quality. We missed on 2 LB’s which was sad but you can’t fault him for Henry. Hard to compete against the bag men of the world. (See Mike Anderson)

If my first line comes true then CCM will have been a huge hire.

I believe he will take us a long way towards championships.

A long way…