Chavis needs just as much blame as CCM

it was insane to watch them throw to the same receiver over and over and over again and we never went to any over the top help on him and it wasn’t like they we didn’t know anything about him,they threw to him the whole game their first 2 games.They were so many screwups in this game that it is very hard to have any confidence going forward…everyone knew we were going to be bad but to totally give away one we all thought we would win is totally unacceptable…could very well start out 1-6.

Agree, thought we went totally soft on defense after going up 27-9 we are looking at a 1-6 start and not sure we can beat Tulsa after what happened last night.

I agree and couldn’t understand why we didn’t make that adjustment. The QB and 1 WR beat us last night and it all really happened in the 4th quarter. We had some young players that were making mistakes that were expected on coverage, but we still didn’t make the adjustment for safety help AND on the slant patterns. We played zone with soft cushions too much and then finally switched Pulley on to their WR #11 but it was toooo late.

agree wholeheartedly. one receiver and their tight end killed us. i think they took advantage of bumper a couple of times with the tight end and rameriz lost him a couple of times. We also could have had 2 or 3 interceptions early when the defense was playing well.

same thing we saw from this offense and defense the last few years under the former coach. Gonna be a very long season.

Young talent is something I can accept but I can’t accept bad corrections or NO corrections. We didn’t make the adjustment for safety help AND sneak someone into #11’s alley on the slant patterns. We were playing a lot of young players at CB and LB that got abused in the 4th qtr. The zone may have protected McClellion & Tutt from total busts but it made NO sense to not sneak a safety to help whoever had #11.

it did look the same
I guess same players that shouldn’t surprise
it does to me
I suppose I was expecting us to not be good
to look bad in a different way

maybe bad is just bad

Bumper did get lost on coverage but that’s just a given with youth. He will learn and only get better, not so sure about several other positions however.

Their #11 was the best NFL prospect on the field last night. He reminded me of the A&M receiver (now in the NFL), who bailed out Johnny football time and time again. Just throw the ball high and in his direction and he’d go up and get it with 2-3 guys in the area. We did have over the top safety help several times on deep passes, but #11 still came down with the ball. We needed more quick pressure on their QB if we wanted to keep the ball out of his hands.

Chavis is generally accepted by a lot of knowledgeable people to be among the best D coaches in the country. I suspect our problems had to do with a talent or speed problem & any “corrections” he failed to make were because he thought such a correction would pose a different & bigger risk. This is an area I trust a coach’s judgment more than I trust a fan’s, no matter how knowledgable the fan.

Everybody calling for the freshman QBs, the youth I want to see is 17 and 18 who didn’t seem to play last night, 9 has given us 3 plus seasons of poor play, it’s time to pull the plug IMO. 2 is not where he needs to be but I believe he has the speed and talent to do it, 9 does not.

The one drive they scored 8 on it was 3 plays 9 out of position and beaten. The big 3rd down that 11 caught as QB was getting hit, 9 completely bites up on the short receiver leaving that whole for the ball to get in. Just over and over he gets beat or out of position

WHats scary is that we are going to face at least five more teams with many more offensive weapons than an 0-2 CSU team.

Hopefully we learn from this and improve

The UNT game this week will tell us a lot - was it the change to more zone coverage in the 4th? Was it the use of so many back up CBs? Was it the altitude? Was it bad adjustments by the staff and those are fixed this week?

The offense did nothing in the fourth quarter. Playing at high altitude, the last thing you want to do in the fourth quarter is string together a bunch of three and outs. That’s got a lot to do with the defensive meltdown.

I’m thinking at least seven more.

Everybody is worried about the QB but the Defense adjustment to zone prevent allowed CSU to come back. The cushion allowed their BIG WR to be open instantly/QB get rid of ball before rush.

The UNT game this week will tell us a lot - was our problem the change to more zone coverage in the 4th? Was it the use of so many back up CBs? Was it the altitude AND too many snaps in the 4th qtr?