chavis got out schemed

when they would line up with 3 wideouts to one side, at times we had only two out there to cover three. and on one play they swung the back to that side and it was 4 against 2. i saw it a number of times, announcers saw it.

my question, its one thing to get beat by talent, but when you add getting out schemed it is another matter. corners played ok, but nickel did not. they picked on richardson and ramirez all night long. and once again, qb runs killed us. i guess we just cannot defend that no matter who the defensive coordinator is.

their tight end and slot receiver torched us.

and one last thing, another second half offensive don’t play to win game. yeah we ran the ball well against them, but 2 field goals in second half was pitiful.

It also looked like they got gassed to me. We need better depth.

ole miss had no depth on defense, they were playing a running back at safety they moved 2 weeks ago because of injuries. did we pick on him passing? don’t think so at least not much. plus they had the guy ejected for targeting in their secondary. talk about thin? and they won.

apparently every teams knows how to attack us. use tight end, pick on ramirez . overload and throw 8 yard passes all day to wide open receivers because there is no defender in sight. out schemed if you ask me.

The offense seem to work fine with Storey, Boyd and Whaley in the game.

It would appear that the Ole Miss offense has been successful against everyone but Alabama.

The two big catch and runs by Ole Miss TE Dawson Knox were when Dre Greenlaw was covering him, not Santos.