Chavis D vs. Arkanas - By the Numbers

So with all of the talk about the Chief being so good, I knew I had my own thoughts. But I went to the numbers of how his D fared vs. Arkansas.

Arkansas has faced Chavis’ defense 19 times. Total Arkansas offensive yards = 6981. Avg. Offensive Yards per game = 367. Not gaudy but not bad in a world where Arkansas has primarily been a balanced offensive attack and through the years you could definitely say that at A&M, LSU, and Tennessee recruited better than Arkansas.

Here’s how our offensive yardage vs his D breaks down year by year:
Texas A&M
2017 = 457
2016 = 491
2015 = 454

2014 = 264
2013 = 360
2012 = 462
2011 = 254
2010 = 454
2009 = 375

2007 = 289
2006 = 425
2002 = 449
2001 = 92
2000 = 246
1999 = 372
1998 = 355
1997 = 287
1996 = 361
1995 = 521

Make your own judgements but the numbers are the numbers.

Thanks for the info. This kind of shows my concern. My concern is that the fast paced offense such as Sumlins and Morris can make it difficult for any defense. Even a well coached one.

Facts are telling

Parkhog you nailed it. When everything is a numbers and rankings game not many DC’s are itching to go to a fast offensive team.

Uugh! I’m going into hibernation for three years and I’ll stick my head out and see what’s going on. I can’t go through this again…gettin’ too old.

A DC in this offensive system has to be ok winning 55-50. You’re going to give up yards and points because your own offense is going to to put you in bad positions a lot of times. They’re going to leave you on the field and exposed. To offset, the defense must aggressively hunt turnovers. I think that’s why Chavis and especially Caldwell are on their way here. They have a history of great pash rushers and aggressive defense.

Those of you clamoring for great defensive play are going to gave to readjust your thinking I’m afraid. Great defense will now be generating multiple turnovers rather than physically stopping people. Crowded box to stop the run and create long passing situations; that also means putting secondary guys on an island. Risk vs reward.

The game no doubt has changed and the fast-tempo offenses make playing defense as we once kneew it almost impossible. The game has gone too much to the offensive side of the ball. RPOs are almost impossible to defend. Defensive players have to approach tackling with kid gloves for fear of being called for targeting (a good rule somewhat in hopes of keeping players safe). Eventually, there likely will be some rules implemented to help defenses. But likely forever gone are the 7-0, 14-10 games. You may get a few, but they will not be consistent.

A&M scored 52 POINTS against WAKE FOREST and LOST! Not in basketball. Enough said.