Chavis Contract

So I understand AM will owe him for next year.

Why can’t we sign him for $1 and have AM pay him for one year. What we would have spent on coordinator can go towards the buyouts we are paying.

Would that be considered bush league?

Yep, probably.

That would sound good to me! It is unethical. Pay the man what we were paying the last defensive coordinantor and be done with it.

It may get interesting in that regard.

Has A&M actually fired him? If not they don’t owe him squat if he leaves. Remember they played a game of financial chicken with Sumlin, trying to get out of that $10 million they owe him before they finally fired him. I would not be surprised if they play the same game with Chavis.

Could this be the holdup? Both A&M and Arkansas are spending a lot on buyouts. Both are trying to avoid spending any more money than is absolutely necessary. If A&M fires Chavis, they owe him another years salary. If he quits and leaves, they save themselves a lot of money. A&M doesn’t want to keep him and knows Arkansas wants him. If A&M fires him, Arkansas can save itself some money by negotiating based on what he would receive from A&M. Is it a case of wait and see who caves first?

Why would Chavis not just go home and put his feet up and collect his pay?

Because he’s a coach; that’s what he does. All he has to do is force the Aggies’ hand to fire him; then he collects his $1.6M with Kyle Field in the rear view mirror.

I expect his contract requires a good faith effort to mitigate damages. Taking a job for $1 isn’t good faith. Now obviously, there’s a line between what’s good faith & what isn’t. Both we & Chavis could agree to something like, say $700k, & save ourselves some money. Now if someone else were to offer him $900k, we might have to match that or Chavis would have to eat the difference between our salary offer & the other salary offer.

I think it looks chinchy on their part.
Bad mojo.

I disagree. A good faith effort doesn’t imply obtaining an equal or better salary. Bret Bielema has a near zero chance of obtaining the salary he was paid at Arkansas because with his record, no major college will hire him as a head coach. The best we can hope for is a head coaching job at a smaller college or as an assistant at a major college or the NFL.

Most likely if hired at Arkansas his salary will be about $1 million per year and I believe that is about what he is worth. Furthermore, I don’t believe Arkansas will negotiate a lower salary just because Texas A&M will pay him the difference or more. There is not enough money involved to warrant it.

I didn’t say good faith effort implies an equal or better salary. But taking a $1 salary isn’t a good faith effort. Neither did I say Arkansas would pay him an under-market salary to save a few thousand dollars. I said it could. As to Bret Bielema, of course that’s correct. I don’t think anyone on here expects him to get a job paying what we paid him. The best we can hope for is exactly what you suggest: an AC somewhere or an HC at a small school who can only pay him a fraction of what we paid him. If he takes such a job, he’ll have done what anyone who loses a contract must do to mitigate damages. We’ll have to make up the difference between the smaller salary & what he contracted for here–absent some negotiated lesser lump sum payment.

All this is pretty basic contract law.