Chavis contract extension

John Chavis has voluntarily extended his contract for two years and is now under contract through 2020: … extension/

Wow, things change. I bet Vince Lombardi did not make that much when winning those Super Bowls.

I remember when Bowden Wyatt was. making around 40,000 as the coach of the SWC champs.

I know some of this board likely won’t be happy about this, but I’m glad he’s staying. With the right players in place, I think he’ll get the defense where it needs to be. Defensive coordinators have their hands full these days with the rules favoring the offenses. He has his work cut out for him to earn the $1.5. But even Coach O went after his own $2.5M DC during their 7-overtime loss Saturday.

I’m glad he’s staying. Coach Morris must think Chavis is really good. His future depends a lot on Coach Chavis and the defense. Coach Chavis is the first big time defensive coordinator to come here since, maybe, Monte Kiffin with Holtz and nobody knew who Monte Kiffin was at that time. We found out as time went on about Coach Kiffin.

I know a lot of people think he’s washed up. But I think his name alone was instrumental recruiting.

The extension makes sense, as it shows he’s in it for the long haul, which is super important for the 2020-21 defensive classes.

We actually played a little better this year, and did some really good things at times. For one thing we had more fourth down stops this year than I could remember in quite a while, including a couple of goal line stands. I feel cautiously optimistic that Chavis is going to continue to make good progress, especially as more of his recruits come onboard and of course by cutting out some dead wood.

I’m glad Chief is our DC. He can recruit and he can coach. Give him time to build the defense and he will get it done. He should have become the HC here when the Petrino hit the ditch and was fired!

He is part of the reason our defensive crootin is heading in the right direction.

I am not washed up. John C get him some play-makers and I still think he has it. As stated his name alone IMO helps.

Yea well Lombardis house probably cost $20,000 instead of 2 million and his car was probably 2,500 instead of 50,000.

experience always wins over energy. He’s coached more college games than some DC’s he’s going against have been alive. That matters. If he gets the talent, he will be fine. Maybe not top 10 defense, maybe not even top 25, but good enough for us to win a lot more games. But this day in age, it’s about scoring points, so more pressure is on CM than on JC, in my opinion. If Chad has us averaging 30ppg or more in SEC play and we are .500 then we can blame the DC. Have possession on offense and moving the ball really helps the D. You can’t be good at one without the other.


To me, he’s the key member of this staff. He’s as solid as a rock. I think he’s proven that he wants it bad by the time he spent on the road in recruiting. He’s recruited more at Arkansas than in a long time. He knows that’s the way to get this thing rolling.