Chavis and/or Caldwell been announced yet?

You’d figure Chavis would say goodbye to his players after the game while they were still together, and then allow announcement. Not sure what Caldwell’s schedule would be.

But, why wouldn’t the announcement come this afternoon or tonite?

Chad Morris might be the time machine

Chad Morris might be the time machine :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

Chad Morris might be the time machine :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

Chavis’s vaunted defense just gave up over 600 yards to Wake Forrest. Turned around … T A & M defense gave up over 600 yards to Wake Forrest.
A & M beat the Hogs in overtime this year. It was a close game. Yet the Hogs only won 4 of 12 games this year. Do you see a pattern yet?
T A & M’s defense was terrible this year. Yes … Coach Chavis was the head defense Coordinator in both these games.
This does not speak well for the talent of Chavis as a DC … and we are talking about hiring him ??

Not talking - doing

Who are we trying to blame for everything that is causing concern? We need a few names so we can focus our anger.

I don’t know who to hate. :?

Depends on who you are. Some guys just seem to hate everyone!

Gave up 55 points and we want him??

Name me a top DC that will come here…I’ll wait.

So, it sounds like Chavis is not the best choice for DC, but is the best DC that we can get to come to AR.
If that be the case, and it sounds like a probability, I can live with that. I’m all in with that. For whatever that’s worth.

I’ve said many times that the mental aspect of playing football doesn’t get enough attention. Speed, technique, football IQ are all important, but getting kids ready to play on Saturday is an art. I wouldn’t put today’s A&M loss to Wake Forest in any discussion about the DC’s ability. They had a stand-in for head coach, lots of turmoil. Despite the poor play, particularly the last drive, I think Chavis will bring confidence that will lift the mental aspect of the players and they need that right now. We have some talent. We haven’t had good mental conditioning for a full 4 quarters of play for 14 games, or more.

Chafes is not the right hire for DC. Period.

HOgQ, then who do you think is? Then, if you think they are the right guy, do you Think they will come here?

Venables, Aranda, Leonard Chizik all probably better choices. Doesn’t mean ANY of them want the job. Hell Chris Ash was DC here for one year then bolted to be a position coach at Ohio St. and parlayed that to be a head coach at Rutgers.

Robb Smith was decent until we deemed he wasn’t. Goes to Minnesota and they played pretty decent defense this year.

One common denominator GOTTA HAVE PLAYERS.

Chavis and Caldwell will find players and those players will bust it for them or they won’t play. All of those great DL we lost in Bielema’s first years? All Caldwell recruits.

He gets you into Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. That is the land of big ole boys that play DL and DE.

Lets see how it plays out. We always want big names, well this has been one of the best for years. I am happy with this hire.


I agree you have to have players. So based on the performance of A&M’s defense today, do you think it’s a lack of players or coaching?

To me, I don’t want Chafes because for the most part the Hogs have always played well against his defenses. At UT, LSU, and even A&M putting up points/yardage was never the problem. If the Hogs had had a defense at all then the outcome against the Aggies would have been quite a bit different the last few years. I see nothing special from Chafes - certainly nothing to make him deserving of the highest salary for an assistant the Hogs have ever paid. There have been several other candidates mentioned that would be better choices.

There’s a good article about Okie Lite out there and how Gundy went into the FCS to find his offensive coordinator a few years back. I don’t have the link handy but it’s interesting. He got tired of hiring OC’s and only having them a year or two then finding another. His process for identifying the candidate was very sound. I’ll tell you Dave Womack would be a better hire than Chafes.

Show them the money and they will come. Wait is there any money left???
Still think Glasgow at TCU would be a good hire. If he’s the second coming of Gary Patterson, need to jump on him.

I could go along with that hire better than Chafes.

I don’t know if Chavis will succeed at Arkansas or not.

But I do know that when making a hire, you take a man’s ENTIRE CAREER under consideration. Not a single game or even one or two seasons. Especially at a program as weak on defense as the aggies were.

Chavis has had a great career. Not good. Great. That has to be factored in.

Based on what objective data ?

I know that his defense wasn’t very dominating against Arkansas at any of the places he has been over his career. There may have been 1 or 2 isolated games but for the most part Arkansas’ offense has done whatever it wanted to against a Chafes defense.

Surely, you don’t think that the players don;t know whats going on with Chavis? They are not going to bust their butts for Chavis knowing that he will be coming to Arkansas…