Chatter picking up

Rumers, reports starting to fly about coaching changes and it looks like Rhoades to be new DC and Maurice Linguist will be be added to secondary. Don’t know Maurice but Dan Mullen says he is bright up-and-comer. Has ties to Central Texas. I still expect Partridge to come in as line coach. Stay tuned.

Hmmm Linquist? AR finished 51st in passing D, Miss St (where Linquist was in 2016 as safeties coach) finished 118. Again hmmmmm

But he has 5 2017 three-star defensive recruits for MsSt. So that would make him a star recruiter at Arkansas. No pun intended.

The bottom line is whomever it is they better be able to recruit. You have to be able to get players that can play. I believe good players help make good coaches and vice versa.

I had heard Rhoads wanted one of his guys, but I have never heard of Linquist. Linquist coached the secondary for Rhoads at ISU.

Like I said I don’t know the guy either. I have found out that he played at Baylor, is 33 years old, nice looking guy,w was honor student, was recruited by Air Force Academy, is from Mesquite, TX., Was hired by Paul Rhodes at Iowa State a few months before Paul was fired, and this is big I think, he is considered a great recruiter, he was hired at Miss State a year ago. By the way, Miss State’s 2017 class is ranked in the Top 25. I could not find Arkansas in the. Top 25.

Miss St 20, AR 22 … amRankings

People are spreading rumors about Enos too.

I would hate to lose him. He’s very good.

I think Enos needs to really work on getting playmakers the ball in space.

When you have the worst defense in recent memory and the solution is to promote from within…this will not go over well with a majority of the fanbase until proven otherwise.

I’m a BB fan but this does nothing towards my anticipation for Spring ball…praying they bring in some recruiting commodity (coach)

I believe there will be some movement on the offensive side but not of the fired type. I expect Barry Jr. To get an OC job soon.

don’t think you are correct on Lunney is all I am saying.

Randy, if Enos is as intelligent as I believe him to be, he may be the one spreading the rumors. If the Razorback program doesn’t improve significantly, fairly soon. . .staying will hurt him in making a move to another OC job. That’s if he plans moving up to a better program.

Enos has more name recognition now than her ever did as HC at CMU. He has received tons of praise for his OC skills on the national telecasts. He is making more money as OC here as he did at CMU HC. His family loves it in NWA and that was very important to him that his kids had a stable life. I don’t see Enos being unhappy, but I do see other schools trying to hire him away. I don’t think he would want to leave unless it is very BIG money. I don’t believe Lunney will want to leave but who knows…