Chase Hayden

I hope Rakeem’s return does not nudge CH into the portal. If he is healthy he could be an added weapon in this Offense. Also curious about Spivey. A lot of talk about how good he looked in practice, yet I think he only played in one or two games. Insiders do you think he is a keeper, and how do you see our depth chart at RB heading into Spring practice?

Everyone will get touches in Briles offense

I think they’re excited about Spivey, or at least the previous staff was. Seems like he had some injury issues, and probably wasn’t going to play in more than four games even if healthy.

We’ll have to see who the new RB coach will be. His evaluation in the winter and spring is going to decide a lot of this. Including what happens with Spivey and Hayden. I don’t see any way that a healthy Boyd isn’t going to be Da Man back there, though.

Elsewhere: Heard a lot of good things about Trelon Smith, the Arizona State transfer. And I think Dominique Johnson, the recruit from Crowley, TX, has a possibility to get some short yardage/goal line carries. TJ is still listed as a running back but we’ll see what the new staff wants to do with him.

I thought the few carries he had minus the fumble he ran very tough inside…Look forward to seeing more of him,…

Looks to me like Hayden and the other small backs might thrive in the slots on this offense.

Spivey is very good!! Just needs a chance to show it! I like Hayden as well.

This is someone I’m excited about, based on what I have heard/seen. I think he will be a difference maker for us.

I agree,forgot about him…we are going to be ok in the backfield.

There might not be room for everybody. Different positions (TJ as a slot receiver for instance), or yeah, somebody may bail out. But that’s a good problem to have.

Chase Hayden is slated to graduate early after the spring semester.

If the former staff had stayed, I am told by some close to the program that he was thinking of going through spring practice and then making a decision on whether to stay or be a graduate transfer with two years left and immediate eligibility.

One would guess that is still the plan.

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