Chase Hayden back-to-back Mr. Basketball

Very impressive. I wouldn’t mind seeing the football team getting a few of their hoopers (Hayden, Jarrod Barnes, Jamario Bell, Jordan Jones, etc.) together to play vs the bball team for a fundraiser or something. Obviously the bball team would win but I still think it would be pretty cool to let the football boys show their athleticism…

I could see Chase giving it a try. I actually think he could help.

I have no idea how many DI football players play basketball, but I doubt there’s many. You miss some the offseason and likely some spring practice.

It’s gotta be really tough to do. You miss all of basketball in November and December, and possibly the first week or so of January depending on how good the football team is. By this time the coach has his rotations down. The player would have to be extremely good or the basketball team pretty bad for someone to get playing time under those circumstances. You’re just so far behind.