Chase Hayden #3

From the presser:
RB is about staying fresh. In their system, they use 3 backs. To have Devwah with his skill set, David is comparable from a skill set standpoint. Chase Hayden would probably be that third guy right now “and he’s a complete different” player.

Clay, he must really be something if he has already passed Malik…

I watched some of his videos from the opening (which has the nations best there) last year on YouTube… and I was blown away.
I think this kid is going to be really, really special. So elusive and quick, I think there’s no way they can redshirt such a talent. Really anxious to see him take a hand off.

Different kind of back than the first two. More wiggle, probably faster, so if they have a sub-package where that kind of guy is what you need, he’s the logical choice. The way the 1 and 1A guys are asked to run for tough yards, Maleek will get his chances because the other two will get dinged here and there.

The exciting thing here is that T.J. Hammonds can be more of a true receiver than a back who also lines up at receiver. If Hayden is your speed back than T.J. just runs the odd end-around/jet sweep stuff and can concentrate more on developing as a WR, which I think is where he will shine over time.

Chase Hayden brings speed. That’s something that makes him a bit different.

Wrote about it and will have a story up shortly.

He’s a change-of-pace, speed back who has really impressed Bielema and Enos. Both went out of their way to be very complimentary of him the last few days.

Here’s the story with comments from Bret and Dan.

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Please try not to get me excited this summer. I’ve made a vow to remain calm and lower my expectations. After loosing Rawleigh Williams I was feeling a bit low. I have total confidence in Devwah Whaley, but beyond that I was pinning my hopes on Maleek Williams who, from many accounts, looked pretty darn good in the spring. After that it was TJ Hammonds who I think will have a specialty role and could produce Joe Adams -type fireworks, but I don’t consider him a pure running back. Now with the recent addition of an older, smart blocking back in David Williams and with true freshman Chase Hayden making a splash…well…I can, at least, say it is going to be fun to watch. But I’m not going to raise my expectations or get too excited.

I think Devwah is in for an Alex 2015 or Rawleigh 2016 type season, assuming he stays healthy.

Rawleigh had 245 of the 412 RB carries last year, 59 percent. They averaged 31.7 RB carries per game, he averaged 18.8.

In 2015, Alex had 271 of the 431 RB carries, 62.9 percent. They averaged 33.2 RB carries per game, he averaged 20.8.

So if there are about 32 carries a game and Devwah gets 19-21, that means there are roughly 11-13 carries up for grabs. Could see David Williams and Chase Hayden splitting about 10 and T.J. Hammonds averaged 1-3 carries a game. I include T.J. with the RBs because it sounds like they’ll still line him up in the backfield some.

How much they use T.J. could influence how much Chase is needed as a change-of-pace guy, since he and T.J. are both quick, shifty types. Maybe Maleek makes a push, but David’s experience and Chase’s differing skill set makes it sound like he may be stuck with garbage-time carries if he plays this year, barring injury, which is obviously always a possibility, especially in the SEC.

Sounds like a bit of lighting a fire under Maleek. He’s too talented to get no love.

A story about Chase from The Opening. May give you a little insight about his ability and what he could add to the backfield. … bbing-air/

I have spent some time watching Chase Hayden video and the thing I like best about this young man is: He does not like to be tackled. We have not had that kind of player in a while. I think Felix Jones was a bit like that. Devwah will duck and weave some, but if challenged, he will lower his shoulder and lay some wood. Chase will do a stutter step or even put on the brakes and let the defender fly by. He can make a guy look foolish. Gayle Sayers and Barry Sanders come to mind. I’m certainly not christening Hayden as the next Hall Of Famer, but am just drawing a comparison with that running back “type.” I promise I’m not getting overly excited about the season nor do I have my expectations too high.

The change of pace can be devastating, because you really have to be physical against guys like Whaley an M. Williams or they will get 3-4 extra yards on you. It’s real hard for college defensive guys to switch gears in the middle of a game or series for a back who looks to make you miss or get a poor angle. It takes really good coaching, preparation and some experience to handle a team that can switch running styles well.

Chase is apparently having a really nice scrimmage today.

Chase Hayden looked explosive and did a nice job wriggling out of tackles. Was pretty impressed with him. Easy to see why he has jumped Maleek at this point.

Based on what I saw today, he could be the No. 2 back soon.

Glad he is a Hog. Probably would have been easy for him to be a Vol.

Very impressed with his ability to stop on a dime, allow the defender to run past him, and then run like the wind on down the field. Would love to see him get some playing time.

From what I understand, they wanted him to play DB. That very well may have been a misevaluation on their part.

Big time.

I sure am glad he is a Razorback.

Is Hayden a candidate for punt return?

I hope Chase Hayden can give us some depth. We need a RB who can make you miss. Can Chase do that? Our offensive line is going to be a work in progress. I am looking forward to it. BIG TIME. If Chase can get to perimeter of defense and he can make people miss, we have a big play weapon. HOPE HOPE HOPE