Chase Harrell (#14) . . . anybody else?

As a WR, he reminds me a bit of Matt Jones. Not saying he’s quite as big, or quite as fast. Just visually, from the stands . . . he takes long strides and uses his body well to shield the ball from DB’s. And appears to have good hands.

I think we will see more of him as the weeks go by.

good hands but I don’t think he has seperation speed but can create bigtime matchups and be a very good possesion type WR.

Probably closer to Marcus Monk. I was similarly impressed.

I think he is faster than Monk but not quite as fast as Jones. He will be factor down the road I think.

I don’t really want to compare this guy to Matt Jones. Matt is an all-timer – electric and one of the most exciting players ever to put on a UA uniform. Chase Harrell is the same height. End of story.

I’m a writer and about the same height as Jim Murray. At times I’ve worn dark glasses. I’m not Jim Murray. Not close. I have the same last name as my father. No comparison otherwise.

I do not agree that there is something similar to this guy and Matt Jones outside of their height.

Tell me how you REALLY feel, Clay . . . lol.

Seriously - I asked and you answered.

And, realize that I’m probably the president of the Matt Jones fan club (w/regard to his on-the-field playmaking). It was I who posted here, before his sophomore season, that (in my estimation), Matt was THE best playmaker to ever play football for Arkansas that I had ever seen (Clyde Scott was before my time). And I stand behind that comment today (note: “best playmaker” does not mean “best football player”). Also note that saying someone “reminds” you of another player does not, in any way, speak to their respective level of talent. Matt was a singular, superior talent. I’m just hoping that Harrell makes a positive contribution for this year’s team.

That said, it (the comparison of Harrell to Matt) was just an quick impression made based on seeing him for a couple of plays, on TV, yesterday. He’s a big, white WR who seemed to use his body well to shield defenders from the ball. He has good (not elite, like Matt) speed and a long stride (reminiscent of Jones) when he’s galloping downfield. Most here think of Matt as a QB, because that’s what he was here 98% of the time. I also remember him from his NFL days, because I got NFL Sunday Ticket solely to watch every one of his games as a WR in Jacksonville. There does appear to be a similar look, to my eye - even if they are very different players.

Clay has seen Harrell a lot more than I have, so I’ll defer to his judgement. As I said, it was just a fleeting impression based on very limited observation. Maybe there’s nothing at all to it. Kind of like when you walk past someone and they briefly catch your eye, and you think it’s someone you know . . . but then, you turn around, catch up with them, and when you take a good look at them, you wonder why you ever thought there was a resemblance.

I guess if he turns out to be a productive, situational receiver for us, that will be good enough.

I think the QBs all trust Harrell. That’s the best news. He missed a lot of camp with a hamstring injury, but he’s done well over the summer and in the practices that he’s been able to make it through. He’s not terribly slow. He’s just not electric. He understands how to sit down in zones and the quarterbacks will find him. I think he’ll be in the top three in receptions when it’s all over. He’s going to play.

Sorry if I sounded a little harsh. I just hate to compare anyone to Matt Jones. There is only one Matt.

I will never compare anyone to Quinn Grovey, Darren McFadden, Dan Hampton, Wayne Harris, Loyd Phillips or Lance Alworth. There are only one of those dudes.

thought Harrel looked good…built like a large TE…got some guns and don"t see how a small
db is going to jam him at the line

The play he made yesterday - just being bigger than the DB and taking the ball - is one that we are likely to see a lot this season.

I’ll go with the Marcus Monk comparison as well, but I do get the stride thing.

Important thing to not with Harrell is that he is a grad transfer with two years of eligibility left.

Perhaps Chase Harrell occupies a space somewhere between Robert Farrell and Matt Jones. Farrell could have been timed with an hour glass, but he sure knew how to use his size to go get that football. Harrell is definitely faster than Farrell , but not quite the electrifying athlete that Matt was.

Harrell is a big, strong WR with experience. He is a great
addition to our team.

Good point; I had remembered that he was a graduate Transfer from Kansas, but had forgotten that he had two years of eligibility, not just one.

It would be fun to see what Matt Jones would do in the CCM offense…