Charlotte likes Arkansas

It is beginning to look more likely that Arkansas will play in the Belk Bowl on Dec. 29. We spoke to the game’s director today and he is enthusiastic about the Razorbacks. South Carolina and Kentucky are also being considered for that game. The ACC representative will likely be Virginia Tech or North Carolina.

I also spoke to some people around Arkansas’ program today and they think Charlotte is the most likely destination; obviously nothing set in stone yet. The official bowl announcements will be made by 4:30 p.m. Sunday. … ound-hogs/

The Belk Bowl guy is whistling past the grave yard. Unless they get an ACC team that really travels well, this is going to be a poorly attended game.

Little over an hour for me. I’ll be there… :lol:

UNC and Virginia Tech would both sell plenty of tickets in Charlotte. Virginia Tech’s fan base travels well.

It would essentially be a road game for Arkansas; kind of like Kansas State playing the Hogs in Memphis last year.

Let’s get it on!

It’s better than a losing season, so goodie.

Belk Bowl means we face a quality opponent and an opportunity to remove the bad taste in our mouths after the Missouri debacle. We will most likely be an underdog.

We are almost always the underdog!!
Hope we get a win where ever we go and earn some respect.