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Oh and more court drama … /28328095/

I think there are serious questions about this candidate for head coach - if hired I hope it’s done so with eyes wide open and full knowledge because issues like this are used in recuting against you as well as against the reputation of the university and the State

Texas lost to freaking 2-10 Kansas under Strong and went 5-7 5-7 his last two years.

He was canned and should have been.

Not a P5 level coach IMO

Evidently the search agency is puffing him to Arkansas and UofA plane has been in Tampa -

Not good signs

Warning I’m now going on a rant

Maybe I’m just expecting this to go badly because so much has gone badly - I am expecting Arkansas will continue to make bad choices - I’m convinced the leadership we have may be good academics and horrid at understanding Arkansas ir football

I hope they price me wrong - I’m ok with eating crow but my Confidence in our leadership is shot

It is beyond belief that this guy’s name keeps popping up, if by some scenario he is hired the only thing Strong would do is make us wish we had Bielema back. The Gus bus is gone forever but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for a Peanut Truck.

If he is hired, I’m done

There was a time I wanted this guy but if he could do no better than he did at Texas than he did he would not have a chance in H at Arkansas,NO ON CHARLIE!

We believe the plane going to Tampa had to do with the AD search and not the coaching search.

Living in Austin during the Strong years, I can attest to the fact he was a disaster.

Some might suggest TX gave up on him too quickly but that is not the case.

He had all the resources and talent in the world and had everyone behind him rooting for him until things went from bad to worse.

He took a TX program with a broken leg and put it in a coma and it will take longer to recover still.

Unrelated to the post bush hog but I live in TN and cannot stand anything orange so I assume living in Austin you are the same. Orange is disgusting.

While I’m sure Charlie is a fine young man with character, we need to go with someone who has a proven track record of winning. He needs to have a burning in his belly to win. He needs to be young and enthusiastic and he needs to know on a map where Texas and Louisiana are located.

It is concerning to me that Venables has not been selected prior to now. Is there something negative in his past?

I don’t know much about Morris, other than in two years he has greatly improved a SMU program that had reached bottom.
I like Morris’ recruiting in Texas as a great big plus in his favor.

But, Norvell is my 1st choice.

Strong is not that young. He’s in his late 50s.