Charlie Strong would make a nice evening D coordinator

Looks like he’s going to be available.

Can we get him and Ed O?

I heard Jon Gruden is interested and has been seen in Fayetteville

He was an offensive coach, and that would be hard to believe even if he was a defensive coach.

Who was an offensive coach? Charlie? Don’t tell any of the coaches that who hired him as their DC before Louisville finally made him the boss.

Word! I’d like to see what Charlie or Coach O could do with our defense. And both are better recruiters than what we have now.

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Bielema: it’s been one of these games with State. Would like for defense to play better. We will make some changes during the out of season
10:40 PM - 19 Nov 2016

Hey Charlie!!!

…no, Jon Gruden

That’s my fault for not quoting the Jon Gruden post for clearing up who I was talking about. Yes I understand Charlie was a defensive coach just as I thought everyone knew Gruden was an offensive

Ah. I gave you more credit than that. The Gruden line was completely a joke, poking fun at the goofballs who swore that he was seen in Fayetteville before we hired BB.

Oh ok, didn’t realize that propaganda was ever in the air. Pretty amazed to hear people actually believed that, wow!

Didn’t you realize that Gruden was seen eating at the Powerhouse? :slight_smile:

Understand he had on a red tie!