Charlie Strong for DC?

Seems almost certain he is out at Texas after loss to KU.

What would it take to make him DC and Assistant HC in 2017?

Usually not one to advocate changing staff but our D has been so historically bad (were horrific last night as well, just covered up by our amazing offensive performance). He will be by far the strongest DC candidate (unlikely I think he takes another head coaching job right away) available next year.

Don’t know how his contract reads, but normally these guys get real money for doing nothing. Does he give that up if he takes another football job or can he take an assistant job and be OK? Would he want to?

I doubt we can get him. But I say TRY. Swing for the fence.

He’s gone at Texas. No question. Strong is an Arkansas native. Maybe coming home would resonate.

I looked up Charlie’s UT contract a few weeks ago. When Charlie is fired (not if), he has a $10 million golden parachute. Meaning he gets $10 million to go away. That’s certainly enough money to take a year or two off and wait for another head coaching job. If he just really has to coach in 2017 and doesn’t land another HC gig, he might go somewhere as a rent-a-DC for a million or so. Might being the key word. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask, especially since he’s an Arkansas native.

If he goes back into college coaching his contract states the new salary is subtracted from his Texas payout. Probably sit around for a year and become an assistant in the NFL before getting back into college ball.

It sounds like it all pays the same for Charlie. He might enjoy being a DC again. He was a good one.

Partially true. It’s a 50% offset. If he got a job paying $2 million, $1 million would be subtracted from his Texass payout.

This is all wild speculation. We all recognize that. The notion that he takes a year off to wait for another head job is probably what will happen.

But, again, I say take our best shot. He’s a terrific D-coordinator. And I know personally how the thought of being able to come home tugs at you when you are far from family.

Why, why, why do people continue to assume or propose that a soon-to-be-fired (speculation) head coach will accept an assistant coaching position at ANY school, much less Arkansas? In most cases, they will NOT.

Think about it. Strong has been making big head coaching bucks for 5 or 6 years now - first at Louisville, then at Texas. He had very good success at Louisville, and those in the know understand that he never got full support from the UT administration . . . it was an unfortunate situation there not of Charlie’s making. Should Texas let him go, he is certain to get another shot at head coaching, with the type of salary that goes along with it. Head coaches make anywhere from $2 to 4 Million these days; Assistants make at most $1Million.

If he fails at the NEXT HC opportunity, THEN the market might be such that he would have to consider a coordinator job. But, certainly, he will not now. And, he shouldn’t.

As usual, Wiz, I think you’re spot on in your analysis. I think we all know Charlie is gone as the Texas HC, but it’s very unlikely he takes a job as a coordinator anywhere next year. Not unless he just can’t stand the thought of watching from the stands rather than the sideline. It wouldn’t hurt to ask him to come here (assuming CBB does make a change), but I doubt he’d be interested.

I’d like to point out that Ed O. doesn’t have all those HC bells and whistles on his contract. I think we’d have a better shot at him anyway. I don’t know if he’d have done any better this year with our talent than Smith did, but I’d be willing to try just for his recruiting.

Charlie - who I have known since high school when he was in Batesville and me Newport has had chances to come to Arkansas as both an assistant and head coach - where Arkansa was interested in him after Petrino - but was not interested because he did not think Arkansas would accept that he had a white wife.

That shouldn’t be an issue and I certainly don’t think it would be in 2017, but I do understand his hesitancy.

I just find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t want to take a year off and enjoy some of the $10 million before jumping back in

Andy Staples floated the Strong to Arkansas idea today:

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