Charlie Strong becoming defensive analyst at Bama

Seems to be a place where coaches go to revive their careers.

Alabama is just football crazy. They hire a good coach who was an outstanding defensive coach just to analyze defenses or do whatever he is going to do. It would be no surprise if Charlie Strong ended up coaching Bama’s defense down the road.

The SEC is way over the top in the race to have the best football team in the conference and the country. I like football, but SEC football has gotten way out of control. The fact that it is a sport was left behind a long time ago.

First thing Charlie is going to do is get the guns out of the locker room at Alabama.

(No, there are no guns in the locker room, but he thought they needed to put that sort of a sign up in the Texas locker room. Yes, that’s an old joke, but I’m an old person.)

Now Clay, you know st Bama they keep their guns in their car.:wink:

A year of Saban and he’ll be ready for any job.

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