Charlie Partridge

Yes, I have already read other threads. On here and other boards. I am just surprised I haven’t read EVEN MORE clamor advocating that Pittman go get him. Of course, Sam needs to hire who Sam feels comfortable with. But, still, Charlie Partridge…a fascinating thought…

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Probably would be better on the football board, Robbie.

Dude…I must have been really tired. Ha. Thanks.

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No big deal. I still liked the thought.

Moved to Football board.


I think Charlie is where he is going to be until he gets another chance at Head Coach or he moves to the NFL. A lot of history for him at Pitt.

But, great coach, and would always at least be worth a call.

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It will take a large wad of money to get him away from Pitt. He is assistant head coach and is paid accordingly.

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