Charlie partridge fired


has been let go after 3-9 Campaign.

Here is your upgraded recruiting (substantially upgraded) Alex Collins etc…

Buh Bye Coach Seagrest…

Granted a position comes open, I could see Partridge coming on the staff more than most of the coaches I have seen mentioned. Not only has he coached for Bielema, but also coached with Paul Rhoads for seven years at Iowa State and Pittsburgh, so there is a lot of familiarity there.

We need another recruiter to go along with Coach Smith

I’m not calling for anyone to be straight up fired…but I would be thrilled to have Partridge and Stromng on the staff. That would be huge.

Go get Partridge Bret!

Got canned at FIU. I wonder if BB might try to bring him back both as a recruiter and some kind of defensive coach.

Couple of these threads started about 11 hrs ago

Apparently he’s going to be named Assistant HC at Rutgers.