Charlie apparently is now out of work

Not breaking news type stuff for sure, but it’s being reported that he was fired this morning. … ie-strong/

Even though it’s a stretch, I can hope we will have a chance. BB better do something if he wants that 4 mill a year for a little longer. I don’t expect him to do the obvious, but instead go grab another Robb smith and watch his scheme fail and inability to motivate players once more. It’s nice to dream though! WPS

Please no - his defenses at UT were a train wreck.

Go look at his defenses when he was a coordinator. Also he is a great recruiter and players want to play with him, sometimes you are a better coordinator than head coach. He was a very respected coordinator and even head coach at Louisville, that’s why one of the elite schools hired him in the first place. We’d be lucky if this guy even considered coming to Arkansas.

He is a good DC and recruiter.

Not sure on specifics does he have to give up some of the buyout if he works next season?

If so expect a year on the beach enjoying 10 million dollar sunsets

You pick, then. Who should BB hire?

My understanding is any pay he might get as a DC would be subtracted from his buyout from the Shorthorns. He would not lose anything. It all depends on if he wants to work at something he loves.

But, his time at Texass may have soured him for awhile. Regardless, he is financially set for life.

I personally think there is no reason to get rid of Robb Smith UNLESS you can get a terrific coordinator in here. So, I definitely make your very best pitch to Charlie Strong. We all know he won’t remain a coordinator long. But, he is a game-changer as a D-coordinator, and its worth a shot. Nothing to lose. You could even retain Smith and make him a position coach. If he would accept that.

Surely you aren’t serious. Retaining him in any way is a terrible idea, he is one of the main ones who coaches the safeties and we see their play. He needs to go and someone with a decent scheme needs a chance. His Rutgers defense was a one year wonder