Charley Pride died. Sad

We’ve lost some truly great ones this year. Covid got Charley here in Dallas apparently.

That’s sad. I loved his music.

He was on some awards show about a month ago and was given a lifetime achievement award. He had a great life story.


I am really good friends with his ex manager here in Nashville, he also handled Dottie West. Related to this board, Wayne has a 9th grade son who will be a great OT by the time he finishes high school. I heard lots of Charlie Pride baseball stories which CP was active in with some of his business deals. Covid is very deadly and lasting too damn long, the Spanish Flu was worse but only devastating for a short time. Vandy starts vaccinating December 18.

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God bless , his family

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I too love his music.

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I love Charlie Pride. RIP and go kiss that angel good morning Charlie.

He was a treasure. :pray:t2::pray:t2:For his family

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