Charleston Collins names top 12

If Collins is true to his word, then count Bama out. There are not too many in the sports complex at Bama that will venture to say a word to Nick when he passes; it’s just not done, whether you are up in the hierarchy or a janitor–and that if from folks that actually work for Nick. I have no idea how “open and friendly” Nick appears on a recruit’s visit, but in his normal daily routine, best to stay clear of him.

One of my absolute best friends in the world went to Bama on a sales call to the Athletic department. Was discussing a proposal with the Associate Ad that managed facilities and construction. Before they left his office to do a tour he turned and looked my friend in the eyes and said, “If we meet Saban in the hallway…don’t look at him or make eye contact.” If I had heard this from anyone else I would not have believed it. That being said I bet Saban is a lot different with the players. Probably still aloof but more open to conversation…but then again maybe he makes is coordinators handle all personal interactions with them as well.

Going out on a limb here but probably not a snowball’s chance in hades for the Hogs

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Not sure of the Hogs chances but someone at UA is doing a good job recruiting when you see the list this prospect is considering.

I know Deke is constantly in contact with kids. That’s a must and he does that.

I read that about Deke in the story and suspect Pittman is active too. Still he did great job to still be in the running and until the fat lady sings , you can say we still have a chance. Gotta get some of these d lineman on hill .

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