Charles Barkley

I normally do not much pay attention to him but his latest criticism of collegiate sports I think is totally correct.


Barkley is the closest thing to honest, forthright commentary in sports broadcasting. Some good has come from Auburn.


What did he say?

I haven’t heard anything new today!

He was on 60 Minutes last night. It was very good.


It was great. Barkley is a rare, special person. Blunt, outspoken, and mostly transparent.

He needs to run for office as a Republican.

I hope he runs for Gov of Alabama

That won’t happen.

Being vocal about your opinion and being qualified to be in politics is not the same— or is it🥸

Look no further than our last few presidents.
None were qualified in my opinion! None! Heck let Barkley run for president!
I wish there were teen limits where these career folks couldn’t stay in DC for 30 years and become bought and paid for! Of course they vote for their own pay raises and term limits.

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