Charles Barkley is not a Beverley fan

I listen to PGA Tour radio a bunch. Hitting the Green (a betting show during the mid day) host Michael Collins interviewed Charles Barkley today. It was a long interview that included how Chuck revamped his game recently and was accused of cheating (because he played below his handicap) while winning his member-member tournament.

Collins asked Chuck if he got a free pass to punch in the face any athlete of today, who would it be? Chuck said it would be Pat Beverley. He also mentioned Antonio Brown.

And he said that he loved Steph Curry’s shooting ability, but his shimmy would not go over well in his days. He mentioned Tiger Woods and his club twirl, too. Too much showmanship for him.

“If someone did something like that to me, I’d thump him in the head with my 7-iron,” Chuck said. “As far as a guard’s celebration, we talked about that in the huddle. I’d tell our guards, let your man to the basket. The big man would put a body block on him. We had a hand signal for that.”

Chuck is kinda old school.

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I’ve never been a Beverley fan. Always thought he was a punk.

You thought right.

Speaking of Barkley and former Razorbacks, I watched some of the Mavs-Nuggets game last night, then the post-game show. Barkley and Scott Hastings continued their years-long, playful back and forth about Hastings punching Barkley in the early 1990s during a Pistons-76ers game.

Hastings asked if he needed to get their “old friend Joe Kleine” to mediate a fight between them, to which Barkley said, “You can’t get Joe out of Arkansas.” It was a fun segment.

Check out the graphic for Hastings below.


Well, I’m not a Charles Barkley fan. :sunglasses:

Although the above was fun.

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I have no problem guys playing with an edge but Beverly goes over the top.


I loved that video of Kleine giving Chuck grief during the Auburn football game.


Beverlys “defense” of his teammates might be indefensible, but i have seen worse (sucker punching) in baseball brawls, and even in some football scrums. And i will say this, the trashtalking of the two suns players to the laker on the floor was pretty low life imo. Anyway i cant remember but did kermit johnson get eviscerated like this when he cold cocked and broke rudy tomjanovichs face…a year or two ago?

Kermit Washington. And yes he was. Pretty much ended his career.

Thx…Great ending to a horrible story. The thing i will always remember about Rudy T is he was drafted ahead of pistol pete (of course so was bob lanier).

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Well, I’m not a Charles Barkley fan. :sunglasses:

I respect that I know where Charles is coming from, whether I agree with his take or not. Lots of people will spout what they think will earn themselves a status with a perceived audience. Charles doesn’t give a rat’s azz and. stays in his lane…most of the time😇.


I really like Charles. He says what he thinks, not what people want to hear.


I’ve grown to like him more as I’ve gotten older. I appreciate how he says it like it is and he is willing to laugh at himself. That’s an undervalued trait

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There was no bigger trash talker than Charles at the time in the NBA… how many black eyes was that worth?

Don’t forget Larry Bird and MJ. They too were top trash talkers.
UA…Campus of Champions

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