Charles Balentine's shot back in 1984...

is something that I will always take partial credit for since I threw my best friend thousands and thousands of passes from the fourth grade on.

By the way, I was the leading scorer on our fourth grade team and then he hit a growth spurt and started wanting the ball more.

Ironically, on the same day I met my late wife. It was a great day. … tines-day/

Dudley your a huge part of Razorback sports in my book!
I enjoyed watching Balentine play in the hogs uniform. Man there were a lot of big wins he was a part of!
I would say having the memories with your wife were far more important than basketball. Your a winner Dudley.

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You know what I never noticed before? That the N. Carolina guy throwing the ball in was stepping across the sideline into the court - should have been a turnover. Look at the 6:15 mark in this video and play it forward to see what I’m talking about. I know the press tables were very close to the sidelines in that venue, but he did have a couple of feet to stay out of bounds. I went back and checked, and Ballentine (who in-bounded the ball on our last possession, before he scored the winning points) managed to keep both of his feet out of bounds on that play.

Also - McGuire has gotten a lot of heat over the years for saying “It’s good!” when Hale released the last shot for NC. Watching this replay, it struck me that what I believe he was trying to communicate is that he got the shot off before time had expired. Didn’t really have time to say “it’ll be good if it goes” because the shot would have already swished or bounced off by the time he got that out.


Wiz I was sitting right behind that guy for that play. He didn’t step on to the court. He was ALREADY STANDING on the court. The press table where I was sitting was so close to the sideline, maybe a foot tops, that there was not room for a player to stand to make an inbound pass. I remember the ref giving that instruction to the UNC player, something like “you’re on the court but don’t move”.

I agree with you on what McGuire was doing on that shot.

Pine Bluff is my home town and I was privledge to attend that game and watch Charles hit that shot in person. What a great memory.

Several years ago the company I worked for sponsored a car in NASCAR. I was very involved in that sponsorship and spent a good deal of time with our NASCAR team. Tad and Jodi Geschickter were the team owners and they brought in Brad Daugherty as a partner. Brad grew up racing in North Carolina and did TV for the Nationwide series after his NBA career.

When I met Brad I told him that he had been to my home town. He asked me where is your home town. When I told him Pine Bluff he said “you guys were lucky”. He loved talking about Alvin Roberson, Joe Kline and other Hogs. He called me “Arkansas” most of the time. A great guy. But I never quit rubbing in Charles shot. He was a good sport about it.

Probably the loudest game I have ever been to. It was amazing.

I sat directly I sat directly below where visiting team entered Barnhill, right on the rail. I could have

touched Shack’s head and others. Below the voice meter. SO that UNLV was close to the same sounds.

IMP. ANYWAY IT WAS both were OUT Of THIS world. LOUD I was about 25 rows up on the NC game and that shot. GREAT TOPIC DD!!

The engine of the train started moving!!!.

LIKE Eddie tried to say the train had already left the station. Everybody agree??

I wished we had those times again, as a basketball program, it was sure fun . Sure don’t seem like it was 35 years ago. Where does time go.