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The Ole Miss QB is going to be a handful. Alabama hasn’t been able to stop their offense.

It’s their hurry up offense when our defense really doesn’t have any depth that worries me more.

They do the best job calling plays I have seen so far and athetes to run them. Will be the toughest test yet for the defense

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Yes. Ole Miss is looking much better than I expected. It’s going to be another tough game for us next week.

Trivia Question - Ole Miss’ OC Jeff Lebby’s brother-in-law is?

That would be our OC Briles…

Did not know that.

Indeed - Briles said they talk every day. Perhaps not next week though.

I thought we would beat Auburn (and we did), but this game scares me… we just don’t have the depth on defense to not give up a ton of yardage. As stated above, the OM QB is the real deal both running and passing.

If they did, the first question Jeff would ask Kendal would be: “Kendal, do you have another qb who hasn’t played this season that you can bring in on a 2nd and goal situation for our game?” :rofl: JK

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May be best offense in the SEC.

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