Changing opinions

I understand everyone being disappointed and upset.

But I also know this. When I was back home this summer, everyone I talked to was ready to elect Bielema Governor. I mean, I heard not a negative word from anyone. Now, a few months later and after a season where he lost exactly one more football game than last year, many on this board are ready to fire him.

Also, it was even less time ago when many on this board were proclaiming AA “better than his brother. Why weren’t we playing him the last two years?” many actually asked. Now some posters are wishing Rafe were back. This after a QB throws several INT’s…but almost always under serious pressure. I mean…alot of pressure. AA wasn’t perfect this year. But he was faaaar from being the problem. Look to the dudes right in front of him to establish the problem.

Building a football team or anything else like it is not like surfing the net. Or changing the channel. Instant gratification isn’t so easy building a team in the SEC West. Yes, Petrino did better in his four years. But he also took over a roster and a program in much better shape. Brett took over a program with a depleted roster and in the news for all the wrong reasons. You can’t really compare them fairly.

I understand Bielema has to win next year. He knows that too. Let’s all now pull for as god a recruiting class as possible.

Um, I keep hearing Petrino had a better roster when he arrived??? Please tell me who did he have? It wasn’t much difference that I can remember. Bottom line Petrino is night and day the better coach. I mean its not even close and that in my opinion is the difference.

He was also a night and day better creep, not even close. I know the song is as long as you win it is alright if you are a lying, cheating SOB that you would not want your son to turn out to be.
In general we all have a single thing in common, we want to have a winning team. The difference comes in how low you are willing to go to do it. I stand strongly with those who are not willing to sacrifice high values to win. At least I know I can trust and respect those people.

Does it concern you at all that in the phases of the game that Bielema prides himself on, the results are getting worse as the roster becomes more under his control? The running game has gotten worse the past three years. The run defense has gotten worse the past three years. Penalties were worse this year. This program is trending the wrong direction.

What is really concerning, IMO, is the 3-5 record in the conference. When will we have an easier SEC schedule? 4 home games, only 3 road games (one being the worst team in the conference) and a neutral site game against a team that finished 8-5 (3-5). We want to talk about how big and bad the SEC is, and it is the best conference by far on a macro level, but this year it was done. I don’t think you can argue otherwise.

Yep similar to what Saban accomplished in the big 10.
Go figure huh

What’s that?

The roster Petrino inherited was incredible, especially at QB. Casey Dick was amazing…

The team regressed quite a bit this year from 2015. Opinions are going to change when that happens.