Changes That Need To Be Made....

  1. Give Dan Enos a big raise–now! He’s the coordinator that’s shown improvement since he took over. So glad we have Enos vs Chaney.
  2. Rob Smith has to go. No way CBB keeps him. It maybe a talent issue, but our D showed no progress in any phase this year. That’s coaching.
  3. And I think our DB coach should be shown the door also. Worst DB showing that I can remember.
  4. I think our Oline coach should stay. We improved this year as the year went along in our Oline, and that’s with 3 new starters(really 4 if you consider Gibson taking over for Rualerson), and one of them was playing defense last year.
  5. Does our Dline coach leave this year? His group regressed this year, considering this was a team strength going into the season.
  6. CBB better work some recruiting or development magic this year. He now has HIS players, and we’re paying him $4M a year to lead us to a SEC championship, not make excuses for remaining middle of the pack. He MUST close the talent gap between us and the likes of Bama, LSU & Auburn. If he doesn’t, he will completely lose this fan base. A lot of us are pulling for him, even after some embarrassing losses this year.

A couple of things:

  • Arkansas gave Dan Enos a big raise last off-season - from $550,000 to $700,000. And he got an even bigger raise when he left Central Michigan for Arkansas - $360,000 to $550,000. So he’s had two substantial raises the last two years. I don’t understand this call to give an assistant coach a big raise every off-season.

  • Paul Rhoads is not the only coach in the secondary. Robb Smith works a lot with the defensive backs as well. I figured the secondary was going to struggle this year; wrote that several times in the preseason. The struggles there are more about the talent there than the coaching, in my opinion. Arkansas has to recruit better at that position.

DBs were good in pass coverage most of the year until this game IMO. Jared Collins has had a nice career (3 1/2 year starter) and that was his worst game.

For the first time all year we rushed 6 a lot - and still couldn’t get to the QB. I question Coach Smith’s intelligence because he stubbornly kept rushing 6 even though we kept getting beat repeatedly over the top.

We need better talent and a new DC and DL coach.

Matt, in regards to the secondary…Is the answer already on campus, either as a red-shirt or freshman? Or is it all predicated on having a good DB class coming in?

I like Paul Rhoads and I think with talent, he can do a lot.

I should have edited that before I posted it: I think they have some capable players on campus now; just have to keep recruiting the position better. There are some players who are just overmatched by speedy SEC receivers.

The safeties have some potential, especially Coley and Ramirez. But there is no depth there.

I like Pulley a lot at corner and Toliver has turned into a solid nickel back. But again there isn’t a lot of depth. Kevin Richardson would have helped this year. He is smart and knows where to be on the field. We don’t know what Britto Tutt would have been able to do because he got hurt so early, but the coaches were happy with him when he did practice. How much of that was coach speak, I don’t know.

This is a great post. I agree with everything you said. I will also say that I think CBB is officially on the hot seat for 2017. He will need a minimum of 8-4 to continue IMO.

Matt not trying to be a downer but how on earth can you say coley and Ramirez have potential in the SEC. Maybe the MAC, but these guys proved they are not capable of playing in the SEC this year. Coley does not have the mental fortitude for the SEC, can’t take an angle, liability in coverage, also for ejections every hit. Ramirez is entirely to slow and probably along with Liddell the worst tackler on the team. He goes for th big hit entirely too often, and yes it happened to be successful against Chad Kelly but that was one time with countless times showing that he can’t be consistent.

I don’t agree with your views on Coley and Ramirez. I think this is a function of the keys they are told to read in the back 7. There is a lack of speed all over the back 7 so somebody is always loose against our back 7.

And I would love for both of you to be right, but typically the offer list is telling. Neither had an impressive offer list and neither have done anything to prove other schools they were wrong. They played very poorly all season, put to much liability on the corners because they were always out of position and couldn’t help over the top. Could be because of scheme but the tackling and speed is not.

I hear you but I’m not sure about the Enos raise thing unless another program comes calling (as an OC) and he will stay for a raise. CBB needs also to communicate directly with the fan base…I am mad, embarrassed, and I apologize to you guys. I will get this fixed. Show some drive, some passion. Heck it might even be good to lose a few pounds to feel better, get some energy and demonstrate to the fan base that things are changing. JMO…

He said: “Heck it might even be good to lose a few pounds to feel better, get some energy and demonstrate to the fan base that things are changing.”

So you are recommending a change in wardrobe vendor choice from Omar the Tent Maker to, say, Belk–to show some self respect that you wish to rub off on the kids? :stuck_out_tongue:

I see Dan Enos being the one true bright spot on our staff this year. And I want to keep him happy here. If these other schools are paying $1M to coordinators, isn’t Enos worth every penny of it?

I totally agree that CBB needs to own the problems this year & address the fan base directly about the shortcomings, both in coaching & recruiting. But he has to change or we’re gonna max out at 7-8 wins each year.

Enos is gone. going to bail on Bert just like all his best assistants in the past. funny he left wiscy to get more money to try to keep assistants longer, and now he is finding out money isn’t the problem.

I totally agree with you. Coach Smith needs to go and hire Coach Strong or a top notch coach and the Secondary coach needs to go also.

Enos deserves just as much blame against Mizzou…run the damn ball four times when inside the five.

Smith probably is just directing what BB wants to do.

DE’s deserve much of the blame for DB’s problems…pass rush is everything.

This has been a very unusual BB year. His basic strengths are both lines and a good D. Well, our D was not good except against a poor Florida offense.

I like Enos also, but I wish he would’ve used Sprinkle more this year and we have to find out a way to create mismatches and use your athletes with speed by getting them the ball in space. I would like to see Hammonds used in multiple roles.

I thought we should have been using screen passes all season, for the last three years really (I know Enos wasn’t here in '14). Give the pass rush a reason to slow down. We finally figured that out late this season. Yesterday, Mizzou was blitzing the house. We burned them a couple of times, but also got swallowed up (notably the last play of the game). But if you want to talk which coordinator has been more valuable, that competition isn’t close.

We were playing press coverage a lot yesterday and getting toasted. Which is one reason not to play press. Like everything else in football, it’s a tradeoff. It takes away something and makes you vulnerable to something else. Before yesterday, I had been thinking how we’d played the deep pass a lot better this year, but again that gives up something else, the short and intermediate stuff. Either Mizzou identified a weakness nobody else had seen or their receivers are just faster than everybody else.