Changes that might actually happen

I understand the call for heads to roll after yesterday. Its unrealstic to expect CBB to be fired in the middle of the season. That said, some changes can and should be made.

One is for Bielema to stop being a CEO and coach the o-line himself. Maybe he’s already doing this. If I knew my job were in jeopardy, I would certainly not sit back and watch the worst unit on the team continue to perform pitifully. Now, maybe he’s already doing this. If so, I might cut Anderson loose right now.

Yesterday we saw very little of the wrinkles we had seen lately. Hardly any wildcat. (I mean with the jet sweep option coming across). Too few jet sweeps in general (which usually worked). Not enough roll outs. We did see lots of play action drop back…and with no running attack that’s no threat.

None of us see practice. So to call for a specific player to play more than another is a little crazy. That said its plain to see who is being overwhelmed physically. My guess is the protections and schemes need to actually be simplified enough to get some other folks on the field that “make mistakes.”

I can tell you I am not a fan of Anderson.

Defensively, we are getting whipped at NG. Bijon was a huge recruiting get. So no one can claim that is lack f recruiting at that spot. He’s just not been as good as hoped for. He’s ot playing badly. But in a 3-4 your NG has to be a stud. Hold his ground against the double teams. I will say I expected them to move Sosa around more. Sosa, the inside LBers and corners are playing pretty well. In this day and age of football, you aren’t gonna win all the 50/50 balls. But our free safety is a huge liability…and the back up is worse. Our tackling is better. But we got run on yesterday by a team that can’t run. I am disappointed in Ramsey. He made one nice play yesterday. But we need more from him.

Bottom line, however…is the offensive line is terrible on a team built to have a great o-line. CBB has to bear the blame…though the decline can be traced to the entry of Enos and even more Anderson. I like Enos’ scheme…but I question what they practice and how much. As for Anderson…well I’ve said enough.

Bret needs to let Anderson go yesterday. Part of his problem IMO, is he gets too cute when he looks for assistants.

I am not sure if Anderson is the problem from a coaching perspective or just alot of misses on OL recruiting. If he was such a bad coach, CBB should have seen this last year and parted ways with him; however, the OL is bad and who knows why. Hopefully CBB has some answers.

maybe his coaching tree has few branches. look at our last three or four hires. anyone know of these guys before they came here. Anderson was an assistant offensive line coach, the equivalent of a grad assistant. no recruiting ties whatsoever. one of the linebacker coaches came from the falcons, not saying he is a bad coach, but what kind of recruiting ties does he have. thank God for Lunney and Smith. They both have ties ini Arkansas and Louisiana. do we have anyone that really has ties to Texas? Oklahoma and Oklahoma state both do well in texas. All these Florida kids we seem to recruit, i can only think of two, Collins and Kirkland that amounted to anything. I would rather give an Arkansas kid a scholarship than a project from Florida, at least being a hog means something to them. Heck our best linebacker, Greenlaw, was a late offer.

so whoever said his cute hires, was right on the money…

Performance this year on O line alone would seem to dictate a coaching change at position but I’m like others - I’m not sure if it’s O line coach or major wiffs in recruiting.

Didn’t he hire Segrest and then fired him 2 years later?

and the question still remains, who the heck was he and what credentials did he have?

I hate it when we have to be put in this position of either firing a coach or set back and watch this team crumble.
I absolutely hate it. I’m not going to step out and ask for him to be fired, but I would like for him to resign. And I know he won’t.

How much do our fans have to endure.

One that wears orange today?

If they win 4 or at the best 5 games, we should not have to worry about CBB changing assistants. Everyone will be gone. If not, JL will have trouble selling tickets. Fans must have hope. Do you have hope?

Lots of things going on. Trying to play a pro style passing game on top of a Big X running game is tough. 5 and 7 step drops are tough to execute. On top of that Enos is calling a very conservative game plan. Compare his tendencies over the years and you can see a big change this year. Is that dictated? Possibly