Change to extra innings?

I really hope this doesn’t catch on.

Would hate this.

Horrible, horrible idea.

This is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard. Leave the game alone.

Why not third base? Why not give the batter two strikes and three balls? Come on, if you are going to make it interesting, go all the way.

This is my thought, too. I don’t mind the pitch clock when no one is on base, but the thing that has been great about baseball is that it largely stays the same. There is a human element to umpiring, but rules aren’t left to interpretation like other sports.

There are a variety of reasons this would not equally be fair to both teams. For instance, Team A might have its 2-4 hitters coming up in the 10th inning, while Team B has 7-9. I guess that isn’t much different than an overtime coin flip in the NFL, but then again I have never liked that.

The beauty of the sport is that it is timeless. The problem of the sport is that is timeless. The beauty for the fan turns into a problem for television, which wants to have prime-time games for the playoffs and World Series but does not want them running past midnight. So, instead of starting earlier, they stubbornly demand a 7 p.m. or later start, but expect MLB to fit into their time slots. I remember day games for World Series and if a game went extras, it could go on for hours. Certainly, speeding up games isn’t a bad thing, but the best way they could speed it up would be to keep commercial breaks to one minute between innings. If you’re so worried about pitching, let’s just cut the games to six or seven innings and keep your pitching depth the way it is. Obviously, you (the owners, MLB execs, whoever is making the rules) don’t care about the history of the game anyway.

I was really opposed to the idea of the designated hitter. I slowly came around to that idea, but I still am a National League fan because they do NOT have the DH. It’s interesting that everything in baseball is DH now. I guess in Little League, they don’t have DH. But just about every other league much past that has the DH.

That simply sucks.

Abner Doubleday rolled over in his grave when they brought in the DH. If they change the rule to put a runner on base in extra inning game, at least he’ll be able to roll back to where he started.

Why not just flip a coin?

I always have, and always will, hate the DH. Stupidest rule in baseball

I’d rather them flip a coin. This is a total joke! LEAVE THE GAME ALONE! :evil: