Change of plans for this weekend

for guard Keyshawn Embrey.

He said he’ll be reporting to IMG Academy in Florida this weekend and won’t be visiting the Hogs. He plans to reschedule. He attended Oklahoma City Midwest City as a junior.

Forward Josh Leblanc is still coming.

Wow, that sucks.

What I’ve learned over the years though usually the reason they give isn’t the actual reason. I rarely see them reschedule after a cancelled visit. Either he or the staff backed off.

Of course, that’s JMO, I’m sure you know more details RD. What are your thoughts?

Was thinking the same thing!

we need forwards tho more

Edit: Looks like my feeling may have been wrong.

Arkansas hasn’t cooled on him. What he said is straight up.

When he sets a firm date we’ll report it.

You have it right. Based on tweets, he is coming soon after.