Change is hard

Change is always hard. As I get older, change gets even harder (the old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is not 100% true, but it sure has some truth to it!).

One thing I have personally learned is I SUCK at “change management.” When we have to change things here at my work, I have somewhat of a problem getting “buy in” from staff. I have gotten a little better, but still over all suck at it.

For us “users” here, in one sense, this is much less of a change than we went through a few years ago with the change in the Board format. Losing Clay and DD is a big change, but its not like there still won’t be articles, there still won’t be “Insiders.” I personally think Matt Jones is a FANTASTIC writer and also a great person (since I have met him in person, I can say that!).

Newspapers and magazines have always had writers and publishers come and go. Did I miss OH when he retired? Yes I did. I didn’t quit reading the paper.

Thank you Clay and DD for all of the great stuff you have written over the years. I am looking forward to reading Matt’s and others stuff for years to come!


Matt and Bordelon are young, energetic, and talented. Davenport knows Hog recruiting as much as anyone.

We won’t relive the old days as much as we are used to (the longer time goes by, the better we used to be :wink: ), but I see no major drop off.


When OH left, I left.

Great take!

Well done. I will definitely miss Clay and DD, but I already have a lot of respect for the rest of the team, so I’m excited to see how they make this experience their own.

Honest opinion… whoever is left with this board has a chance to really think things thru and make some improvements. The “new” board format is horrendous. I’ve never seen a more poorly constructed message board. Seriously, there are reasons this place is so dead - and the completely unappealing board format is one of them. Also, Dudley’s silly “policy” of not discussing anything before it is “sourced” 3 times is a joke for an fee-based “insider board”. It always struck me as more of an excuse for not keeping up with what is going on… and it sure defeats the purpose of a subscription based “insider” board. I also felt like some of the “insiders” treated their paying customers poorly and then had a certain moderator that was always present and frequently seemed to go out if his way to be rude and demeaning.

There are other sources of Razorback info that do a fantastic job (I mean really fantastic) and if you’re that upset about what is going on here it tells me you probably “don’t get out much”. I’m not saying these things to be mean but I feel like this place is like a business that has been run into the ground by some very jaded leadership. It’s my honest opinion and I say it only in the hope that someone will be motivated to accept reality, be honest with themselves and the others involved with this board and make changes so that we can have another excellent source of Razorback info/discussion. Sorry if I hurt feelings but there is a reason these things have occurred and lying to ourselves isn’t going to fix it.


I disagree with all of your post. But that’s why we all have opinions.

I don’t agree with a lot of what you say. That said, while I liked, still like, DD a lot, I agree, to a point, what you say about not reporting things until you are double dog sure. This is a message board, Furthermore, if you report something as a “rumor” and that is what it is, I don’t see an issue. (I am not a media lawyer, so I for sure could be wrong.)

I don’t go to other boards as a rule anymore because I don’t care for the tone of them and the attacks that are allowed.

I don’t have any problem with the design of the board. I did like the old design better, but now that I am used to the current one, I wouldn’t want it to change (see my “teaching an old dog new tricks” remark! :slight_smile: )

It tickles me to see posters extolling the benefits of the old message board. You know, the one that crashed frequently. Every on-line entity is going to crash periodically, but that old one had become very unstable.

It seems to me that every change causes upset, whether it be a change in board format or the loss of valued contributors. Clay has always had high journalistic standards. The reporters/columnists here have learned to follow those standards, in their stories and in their posts.


I preferred the old format in that it was much easier to follow the threads… I know there is the “quote” feature here, but it’s seldom used… random replies 30 posts later are hard to track back to what the reply is to.

In so far as stability this board is awful. I don’t use the phone / tablet much for this so most of my time is on the PC/website. It just crashes 10 15 times a day on a good day. The message lists jump around, read items show up as unread over and over… it’s awful. I’ve reported these things and communicated with an IT rep but nothing has been done to correct it. I just have gotten used to closing the browser and restarting every time I’ve been away for a while. I see posts about the phone app not working all the time as well.
For a paid product the quality is poor. Content on the other hand is very good most of the time. DD, Scottie and Matt are all excellent… time will tell how things go here - change is inevitable, growth however is optional.

Any change in format of a message board is going to cause a lot of gnashing of teeth. Heck when the weather channel app changes its format it drive me crazy! :slight_smile: YoutubeTV just made a kind of small change in how their channel guide looks, I don’t like it! Does it work better than before? I don’t know I am too busy being upset that it changed! :smile:

I am fine with this format. Please don’t change it if you don’t have to!!!

So I guess you would rather have the hype and speculation than the truth?
If any reporter reports the first thing they hear and “cries wolf” all the time without confirming the information, they lose all credibility. Why do you think that the MSM has for the most part lost the trust of the American people?

Think I’ll stick with Dudley’s reporting.


No, I’d rather get INSIDER information before it’s reported on the news, in the paper and on the radio. You may disagree and that’s ok, but the proof is in the pudding - this board has gone backward because a lot of people didn’t love what they were paying for.

And not sure why you brought the MSM into it - completely different issue. They have lost credibility because they are agenda driven propagandists. Around here, in the case of not reporting stories until they are yesterday’s news, it feels like the problem is more of a lack of interest from the people who are paid to be interested… and not sure how you plan on “sticking with” something that is gone.

Who “extolled the benefits” of the old message board? Saying the new format is terrible is NOT saying the old format was good. It was bad too. So, no need to be “tickled”. You’re arguing against a point of view that you created, not me.

@hoggle curious. Why do you stick around on this board which you obviously detest in every way possible? And then dump on Dudley who is not on here anymore. No class my man.


I get confused when folks claim they “paid for this message board”. The inference being a payment was made so access was available. Really? I’m one who “paid” ADG for access to WHS when WHS was no longer free on internet. The message board? Not even a consideration. Opinions, I could care less of those. Perhaps if I was a HI subscriber, I would feel differently. Some do and I respect that.

I brought the MSM into the post, not restricting it to the cable networks, but some of the big print media papers that were so gung-ho on being the first to report something without confirming whether it was true or not, then having to walk it back because they were proven wrong.

I seem to recall some reporting that Lame Kiffin was going to be the head coach at UA right up until he was announced at mississippi.

As far as “sticking with Dudley’s reporting”, perhaps I should have said Dudley’s “style” of reporting; i.e., being right instead of being first.

Just want to see the board improve…

@hoggle have a great day my man.

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