Change in preseason schedule

The NCAA adopted some new guidelines for preseason practice yesterday. To determine the preseason start date, it will have teams count back 29 days from their first game and no longer will require one off day each week until classes begin or the week of the opener. There still will be a mandatory day with no practice each week, but players can now be asked to come in for up to two hours of film sessions or meetings on those days.

That means Arkansas could begin preseason practice as early as Aug. 3 this year, which is later than the July 27 start date last season. Teams are allotted 25 preseason practices.

There still is a chance the SEC Network could ask for the opener against Eastern Illinois to be moved to Thursday like the Florida A&M game did last season. If that happened, the preseason start time would move up by two days. We probably will know whether that will happen within the next month.

The new AD needs to tell SEC network no to moving game if they want any kind of crowd at the game.

It would be interesting to see how it was attended compared to last year’s one and only Little Rock game on Thursday night. They would have students on campus so they would definitely get more students. With school in session, would there not be less tailgating room than in Little Rock? I would guess that seeing the first CMM game would be a bigger draw than CBB’s first game last year.

I live in Fayetteville and I’m within about 1.5 miles from my parking place. As far as I’m concerned, the only good thing about a Thursday game is the late start time. In the heat of the summer, games should be late.
Of course, I’m older than dirt and I don’t like 11 AM games. Late season games should be played in the afternoon. But then, no one who has any authority to schedule games has ever asked me what I think.

Which everyone else would say too. That’s why they have a financial incentive to move games. I think it’s $300,000. Funny though, other schools can get fans to show up on Thursday night.

I wonder if they would really make the same school do it two years in a row.

The network cannot make schools move their games to Thursday, but as Jeff points out there are financial incentives to do it. There are a number of programs that have made a habit of opening on Thursday most years.

Maybe CM would like the somewhat bigger spotlight on the Hogs by opening Thursday night against EIU than he would get by being on the full cupcake menu on Saturday. There is also a little something to be said for not playing at 11, 1 or 3 on the first Saturday in September, and we certainly could get slotted in one of those spots if we play on Saturday.

I’m headed west after the game one way or the other, to do a Rocky Mountain vacation before the Colorado State game. The big ugly between the Ozarks and the Rockies won’t look any better on Friday than Sunday.

A Thursday night game before a road trip the following week might make a lot of sense. I know it didn’t help much before the second game at home last year, but getting the first game with a new coach under the belt with a day or two extra before the next week should be beneficial.