Chaney's minutes

Do we know why his minutes have been cut so drastically these past two games?

Yeah wondering that too…had been playing very well…

The question was asked prior to the Missouri game. Here’s what Musselman said:

“I kind of told you guys, since Isaiah’s been hurt, the two bigs have hurt. It’s hurt us offensively. It hasn’t helped us on the glass. We wanted to give Ethan an opportunity, he hadn’t started a game yet. He started, I thought he did some really good things with his activity, his second jump is quicker than some of our other guys’ first jump but, having said that, he had 5 fouls in 10 minutes. What we do at that spot may be game-to-game. It could be giving someone an opportunity and turning five minutes into 10 minutes. It’s been a constant, trying to figure out which guy can supply something for us that equates to a win.”

His playing time started to slip against Mississippi State when he went 1 of 3 at the rim and turned the ball over twice. If he could cut down on turnovers and provide defensive rebounding he’d probably see the floor more.

It has been a jigaw puzzle that Coach Musselman has had to put together game-by-game this season.

Good grief…just when it looks like Reggie is going to be a mainstay in the lineup with a chance to get you 6-10 points a night and about 5 or more boards and then this…the disappearing act.

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