Radio and social media reports that Chaney has decided to stay.

And I’m told was never leaving despite the ones who put the narrative out there.

Glad to hear that! He has a lot of untapped talent hopefully we can mold him into being the player he’s capable of.

ICYMI: Chaney’s father told me Monday night Reggie “isn’t leaving Arkansas,” and is “fully committed” to the program. I understand a lot happened in the 24 hours after our exchange, but even through the hurt of losing his coach, I believe him to be staying.

This could be the worst day of my life, what with all y’all (I remain from the south!) telling me that those fine fellers with the inside information on Hogville were wrong. :lol: :lol:

It depends on who they hire

Apparently it will be Sampson, expect to see an uninspiring performance on Fri. Supposedly, he’s already packed.

Once again, you are spot on.

I am hearing the same as you.

Baked and PJ, I’m not trying to change your mind about Sampson but there are some interesting articles about him in the Houston Chronicle and Chicago Tribune. He’s done a really good job rebuilding Houston.

I like Mike Anderson, but if K Sampson is our coach I will support him, I will be at every game next season (good LORD willing) calling the Hogs

I’ve been reading articles on him for a few weeks, some of those arguing with me have been begging for him through pm’s And telling me “how great he is”. I don’t see an improvement. He’s also at an age, I don’t think he will be here that long, and he is on record wanting his son to replace him. If he comes here, then you have to expect that doesn’t change. Do you know his son’s record?