Chaney....what's the story

Not playing…why

More athletic lineup was having the most success.

I don’t know if Chaney could have done a better job or not. We missed our chances in this game and Henderson showed he can play but he sure fouls a lot!

A complete mystery. Will be nice to have big men that aren’t afraid and confident enough to make a move and shoot it inside. Will open up tons for the outside shooters.

Something in the gumbo ain’t fresh! Chaney has been playing very well .

We will see Chaney Saturday. He matches up with Missouri. Henderson played pretty good tonight and just needs to stop fouling.

Did he even play tonite?

There has to be a story here. Chaney played 5 minutes in the 1st half and sat the entire 2nd half. Either he’s sick, hurt, or in the dog house. He is light years better than Cylla or Henderson.

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