Chaney is on thin ice

Chaney had best get his stuff together considering the bigs we have coming in next year. If he continues to make unforced mental errors that arguably lose a game, he will at best get very few minutes, at worst be asked to take his talents and attitude elsewhere. He could be a monster on the boards, taking up space and scoring inside. But he has to learn to control his emotions. Hate to see such talents wasted because of a lack of self control.

Other than fouling and stupid decisions, what talent has he shown in a year and a half? He’s had a handful of good games and that’s it. He has no discernable skill set to even apply the word talented next to his name.
Two different staffs with rosters void of serviceable bigs and he hasn’t been able to separate himself.

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His demeanor says he is not happy. Haven’t seen him smile all year. A shame, kid has talent and can help us in deficient areas. When he is in the floor he gives good effort, just seems frustrated.

He seems to very immature. I would be shocked if he doesn’t transfer after the season.

He commits some of the worst fouls I’ve ever seen. The tech was just icing on the cake.

None of us get to watch practice but there is no way Henderson could be any worse than Chaney right now. Chaney may be headed to the end of the bench for good after last night.

I have not seen Iyiola and what he can do, but could any of the bigs coming in next year have gone toe to toe with athletic LSU bigs of last night? I don’t see it,

Jaylin Williams is very good and 6’9. With him and Vanover you are much taller and both have range out to the 3 pt line. Vanover is not a huge rebounder, but at his size he would have altered some of those shots.

You are right about the 3 point line. I was talking about preventing those offensive rebounds from quick jumping Days and Willians. What is your opinion of that? Vanover may be able to do that flat footed. I don’t know. Have not seen him mix up around the hoop.

I don’t know if they could bang on the inside (Williams and Vanover) but Vanover’s size and length and Williams length and athleticism would have altered some put back, and may have got their share of rebounds. The more I hear Dudley talk about him, the more I think Bay Bay will be our post guy next year and play with Williams or Vanover, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see both on the floor at the same time either

There will be welcomed situational personnel flexibility next year. No one will have to play 40 minutes, as Whitt did last night. Jones was clearly exhausted late in the game, which probably contributed to him fouling out. I hope this team doesn’t totally flame out by the end of the year, or suffer injury. Almost any injury would be devastating with such a short bench. But we knew all of that coming in and most are somewhat surprised at the success attained so far. Hang in there, guys.

Would still give up offensive rebounds I’m sure, but the ability to stretch the floor and block shots would offset some of it.

I don’t think people realize how good Vanover can stroke it. He is an elite shooter and at his size you have to get right up on him to bother it.

I do agree that on the offensive end, we will have a huge advantage with Vanover and Williams.

Vanover also has good hands and a tremendous reach (obviously). He often snatches rebounds from 4 feet away laterally without having to move his feet. With one step he can reach as much as 8 feet away from where he is standing when the ball comes off the glass. He won’t work miracles, but his size advantage is unique.

Chaney needs to sit or let him quit. He is not sure from game to game what to do when put in the game.
He single handedly cost us a reduction of 4 points of our reasonably big lead last night. A foul when the LSU guy beat him on the one-on-one drive to the basket and then the 2-3 seconds of frustration setting in, not counting to “three” before throwing the ball at the crowd. 4 points swing right there. Otherwise I feel we would have won but the fiasco put a lot of excitement and energy in LSU players heads. They played with SO MUCH more enthusiasm after those 4 points were given to them… I turned the radio off after that… The outcome was 95% predictable. LOL or maybe not!

I could see all that extra energy LSU had while I was listening too. I agree with you.

Reggie Chaney’s facial expression and body language has not changed one bit since I saw him in the 10th grade. That scowl is just who he is.

Y’all are only noticing it now because he isn’t playing up to the expectations that had been set for him.

In my conversations with Reggie, he has no thought right now in leaving Arkansas.

He clearly has not recovered from his suspension at the start of the season.

Most of all, he is a very polite, kind young man despite the facial and body expression.

Unlike many of you, I am not ready to toss him aside yet. in my opinion, Arkansas will be a better team this year and next if he can get going.


Not sure where you got the idea that I think Bay Bay will be their main post guy next season. I think he will be an off the bench guy. I could see him being in a front court rotation, but in no way am I ready to pronounced him great or even good at this point.

Well I’ve seen Vanover and Williams, both are good, neither is a true five. Several times when this has come up before, you bring up Bay Bay. I don’t think he will take either’s minutes at the 4, so that leaves him as a post guy. The main one if Chaney leaves as is being suggested on the board by some today

I bring him up because he is here and on the roster.

Not because I have a handle on his ability and where he will fit.

While I think Jaylin and Arkansas would be better in the long run if he is a stretch 4 and somebody else at the 5, he is who I would likely start at the 5 next season when I look at who is slated right now to be on the roster.

A Reggie Chaney in game shape makes this hogs team look completely different. The young man made a stupid mistake last night and got a T! LSU has several players commit unsportsmanlike things all night they never got T’d up! He has not gotten. into the flow of any game to this point of the season. The hogs need him!
One road loss at LSU isn’t the end of the world. What is sorry is the way the refs took Joe out of the game in a blink of the eye and allowed LSU to push grab and crawl over the back of our hogs. It’s no different than last year.
The Kentucky game on the hill will be just as unfair by the ref’s!

The most frustrating thing with me about Chaney is his reluctance to work on his game and gain some confidence.He passes the ball 95% of the time instead of working on pump faking and going up strong and at least drawing some fouls. He’s our biggest guy and is a total non-factor on offense makes absolutely no sense to me. I expected him to at work on developing some kind of post game this off-season but until this point it is absolutely non-existent.