Chaney is a Hog (story added)

He adds to a very good class. … ie-chaney/

Sweet! Welcome to Hog Country Mr. Chaney!


Great news. Welcome to Mr Chaney

What a great day for the Hogs. Welcome aboard, Mr. Chaney! :smiley:

That’s huge news. This 2018 class is stacked. CMA and staff did an excellent job.

WPS! Great get for the Hogs!

WooPig Mr Chaney, love what CMA is doing

With six commits for 2018 we have 13 scholarship players for next year and no seniors. I assume someone will have to leave to accommodate Hill in 2019?

Rumor circulating that Garland will not be cleared. His scholarship will become a medical hardship which allows CMA another open scholarship. Hope, this is not true, want to see KG play for the Hogs, but his health is first.

I thought when an athlete is on a medical hardship, he still has a scholarship and counts towards 13.

I did too, but people more in the know than me are saying it frees up a scholarship. Maybe Dudley or Richard will know.


A medical exemption can be given to an athlete who suffers an injury or illness that ends their career. It ensures that, for their remaining eligibility, they receive all the financial aid they would have received before the medical problem. A medical exemption does not count against the program’s scholarship limit (for football, it is 85), but is still paid for from the program’s budget. If the injury occurs during a season, that player still does count against the scholarship limit. Once the season ends, they can be moved to medical exemption and another scholarship is freed up.

If that is true, Garland will have to sit out the 2018-19 season in addition to 2017-18 to make room for Justice, if he is going to sit out two seasons, he would probably end up not playing at all.

If he takes a medical hardship he is done at arkansas. Would have to transfer to play if later cleared.

Just watched Chaney’s video and I must say MA did a great job getting this kid. Sooie