Chaney and Jones

IF, big if, the rumors about them talking about transferring are true, I sure hope this great game each played will change their minds. They were both spectacular tonight.

It’s amazing how hard and well a team that’s supposedly has planned a mutiny if CMA is here next year.

Team played with heart tonight. Didn’t see any animosity between players and coach. Looked like this team meant business tonight. Excited to see us against IU (probably without Langford cough cough back). If these foremenitioned guys change their tune in that game I’ll think differently

That’s for sure

Is this more certified rumors coming from diehard Razorback fans that would do anything to help the team?

Yes, rumors were that at least 3 players told (I’m guessing the AD) that if CMA was still here next year they would be transferring out. Another rumor from early today was that the team had to beg one of the forwards (which the rumor mill identifies as Reggie Chaney) to come to the game tonight.

Other noteworthy rumors from the past few days.

-CMA was told to keep his job he has to fire all his assistants except for Scotty.
-If CMA stays half of the current roster would be transferring out.
-One of the guards was at a bar telling someone they don’t like CMA and most of players would transfer if he’s still here.
-CMA will be fired after the NIT
-A “big time” coach has already expressed interest in Arkansas job.

There were also rumors before the NIT that CMA wouldn’t be coaching it, that Scotty would be the coach.

It’s pretty much just rumor city going on right now. And most of these rumors are originating from one place… I won’t mention it to give it anymore viewers because honestly I think that place should be shutdown.

Yeah, that place whose sole reason for existence is lobbying for someone to lose his job.

Honestly if I was the university I’d sue the owner of that site for using the Razorback’s name and logo. It’s no way in the world I’d let a place like that be representative of the university. And if you search for Arkansas Razorback message board on google it’s the first thing that comes up. That place is anything but a place for Hog fans. The owner frequently starts fire CMA threads and has for years. It’s basically a bunch of racist, trolls, and just miserable people who have nothing to do but spew hatred and wish for someone to get fired. That’s literally all that’s over there is rumors and fire CMA threads, with a bunch of racist comments sprinkled in all of them.

I just made the mistake of going over there and there is a thread in which the OP is basically “How dare anyone be happy that we won?” To their credit, most of the responses were basically “Zip it”.

great post Blu

I made the mistake of going over there after the game and saw that thread, couldn’t believe it

It was nice to get a win. I was surprised Chaney didn’t start…I don’t understand why he did not. Chaney played very well. He doesn’t have any offensive moves, but those will come with some help and time. We played hard…it looked like we had fun and were trying to show everybody they could win without Gafford. Mike is one stubborn dude, but you can’t help but like him.

That “place with the rumor mills” you guys speak of have similar threads as we see here against the coach? Just more common / consistent over there. Probably some of the same people on both or even more sites.
Not that I care, but usually the negative nelly’s like to spread their agendas as much as possible.

That site does not follow the sport of basketball or football. They follow the sport of “hiring and firing of coaches”.

I think I’m going to block that site on my browser so I don’t get tempted. I must admit it’s hard not to look when you start hearing rumors, you want to check all places and see what you can find, however every time I go over there, I absolutely regret it.

Want to have some fun?

Tell them Dudley said that it’s all rumor. For some reason, he is not well liked over there. My thoughts is because he won’t say anything unless he has accurate information.

It’s unfortunate too, because there are 1 or 2 over there that actually have been right before, but if they say something everyone backs them, including some of the reporters over there, and then the next day they flip flop on information and use the phrase “it’s a fluid situation”, if it’s fluid why are those with credentials commenting on the rumors? That’s whats really causing the issues.

Some of these rumors are just not well thought out.

Three players went to the AD? Sure.

Wonder if the reason Chaney didn’t start was because of his rumored actions before getting on the flight? If it in fact even happened. I won’t believe any of this stuff until I hear it from the guys like RD, DD and others on Hawgsports.

One would believe that Chaney starts ahead of Henderson though!

If Mike was disciplining him, Chaney played 28 minutes. Only Joe played more.