Chaney and Henderson

Did Mussleman say anything about Chaney and Henderson and how they are progressing? Thanks

Didn’t get to ask his impressions of individual players yesterday. I certainly will later in the summer if I get the chance. He did, though, mention them on Jon Rothstien’s podcast earlier this week: “You have a whole group of players who have great athleticism - Adrio Bailey, Reggie Chaney and Gabe (Osabuohien) and Ethan Henderson - all guys that play multiple frontcourt positions and swing to the 3 position also.”

I’ve heard multiple interviews of Muss regarding our current roster. HE ALWAYS talks about the backcourt first. He starts with Jalen Harris (fast, experienced), then Joe (shooter, versatile), Jones (a scorer, can play the 3) and then Sills. With the addition of Moss he has thrown him into the mix too (big guard, can create and shoot).

The frontcourt is always last if mentioned and then he usually does not break them out individually.

Exactly. Like everyone else, Dudley and I only got 10 minutes with Musselman yesterday. I definitely would like to know what he sees in the frontcourt guys, but I also didn’t want to risk getting a canned answer we’ve all heard before and waste time. Perhaps in a month or so after working with them more he’d be willing to provide real assessments of their games.