Chandler Morris update

He said he grew up wanting to play for his dad when he was a high school coach. He still thinks about it with his dad being a college college but will make the best decision for himself.

He visited OU over the weekend and is looking to visit Colorado and Auburn. He likes Arkansas’ recruiting class and knows he will likely come into a good situation in year three of his of dad’s time in Fayetteville.

He plans to do some junior days in the spring along with official visits and probably have a decision in the spring or early summer.

He said he and his dad like to hunt and fish and he jokingly said he was a much better shooter than pops.

Sounds like good news for Arkansas. The kid can play and could truly help the team. I hope if he comes that it won’t cause accusations of nepitism.

You gotta be kidding. Elmo is already working on his first nepotism post, I’m sure.

I should have qualified: I meant, I hope if he comes that it won’t cause any believable accusations of nepitism.

This is easy. If he is our QB and we go 10-2, all posters will be, “thank god for nepotism”. If he goes 2-10, all posters’ will be “NEPOTISM, the deign of our civilization, fire everybody”!


Like Morris going to see Chandler play. If they’re undefeated no biggie.