Chandler Morris tonight

Ran for 4 TDS, including a 70 yard run. Threw for 2 other TDs. He is fast and has a strong arm. He did throw an 80 yd. pick 6; mistake under duress. But I was pretty impressed with him. I can see why he is a D1 prospect.

How good is Rockwall supposed to be?

Well, HP is 5A and Rockwall 6A. So it’s a bigger school. They beat HP at Rockwall last year. They are pretty good I think. HP’s defense seems like it has potential. Hog recruit D End Prince Dorbah is tough to block. But the Morris kid really might shine if he gets more experience. I was impressed with him.

Kid runs pretty well: … 2539738113

I wonder if he definitely wants to play for dad, definitely wants to play somewhere else, or if he’s just open to whatever is best for him? Anyone know?

I think that’s still being decided. If he starts, some will say it’s because of his dad showing favoritism. The only way there’s not controversy, would be if he was clearly the best option and there was no doubt he deserved the starting role.

I wouldn’t want my son to play for me if I were a coach. Too much pressure on him, and nepotism charges against me if I played him.