Chandler Morris said

So none of these offers or ratings have anything to do with the name on the Jersey or the money school he plays for? I don’t buy it.

We have walked away from what appears to be a better option from what I have heard from reliable sources. Is that 100% accurate? I didn’t hear it from the horses mouth, but it is pretty close.

His name and money gave him his extremely dominant stats in one of the most competitive high school football leagues in the country?

His name and stats gave him MVP over 2 other Elite 11 finalist QBs at the opening regionals?

His name and stats just granted him an invitation to the prestigious elite 11 finals?

Hell if that’s the case why didn’t John Steven Jones name and money get him any of this?

Hmm, I could probably find a lot of other prominent sons who didn’t get this… but if that’s what helps you sleep at night then ok…but well I’m sorry that’s pretty ignorant

P.s. chad Morris isn’t Nick Saban, and his name doesn’t carry the kind of clout you’re giving him credit for, at this moment. Also not very bright

I’m just curious if your reliable source is Joe Craddock?

If not… then they probably have no clue what he really wants, and I bet he knows a qb better than most on this board.

Ahh yes the old staple retort, only a person who rises to the great level of OC is the only person qualified to tell whether a player is worthy. Just like a butcher is the only one capable of being able to spot a steer that will produce a great steak…the rest of us are too stupid to know these things!

Well “reliable sources” are an absolute wash arojnd here. One of the instant, he has know idea what he’s talking about for me.

Everyone thinks they have reliable sources, very few actually do.

I like Haynes King, I think he’s a better prospect than Chandler. But if he doesn’t want to come because of a crowded roster that’s understandable. It’s pretty clear Chandler is their # 2, Criswell is not. Chandler is better, much farther along in development and plays in much, much, much better competition. Surely you know that. He also won’t count against the scholarship limit, which is huge. He also had one of the best QB coaches you can get, Kevin Murray, doesn’t take a genius to piece together who his son is. As well as the fact he has 30 + D1 QBs out there.

The people whose evaluation really count and really do it for a living make $4M- $5.5M and several of those have offered. I’ll go with them every time.

We are still waiting to hear who your info sources are, your “reliable sources”. If I am reading this right you are not the one doing the evaluating. You are saying “People are saying” basically. We hear this far too often these days with nothing to back it up.
I think emotions have taken over what could be an interesting conversation.
I am taking a trust in our staff in their evaluations until they prove they can’t be trusted.
Even if you do not trust CCM or Coach Craddock, any QB these days offered by Clemson and Oklahoma is fine by me. They seem to be doing pretty well with their evaluations.
So again it needs to be asked, who are your sources and who is the QB that they walked away from because they would rather take the inferior coach’s son?

Agree Youdaman…been a good while since we have had talent like this in the QB room! On KJ, I think I read an article a while back from either DD or RD (I think) in regards to KJ and quotes from his coach. I believe his coach had conversations with KJ on the transfer QBs coming in and both agreed it was a good thing for KJs future and time to develop and learn the system and not get thrown into the fire in the SEC as a true freshman. He can possibly get in some games as a freshman and still RS and then back up Starkel as a RS Freshman. I think it will work perfectly for him provided no injuries and set us up at the QB spot for several years if KJ turns out to be a stud like we all hope.

I hope none of these guys are the next DeShaun Watson in his current iteration (Coach Chad’s most famous protege) because 62+ sacks a year will make all these talent arguements moot and meaningless. We NEED every scholarship lineman that we can get on campus and having one extra schollie is very valuable to me. All mentioned can play and play well, surround them with talent especially up front.


Not every day you can get an all American, for no scholarship.

That’s big.

I have seen all the QBs that they are considering and they are all very good, not a bad one in the bunch.

My reliable sources are my eyes.

Of course, I know what the coaches think about all of them as well.