Chandler Morris said

he’s in the process of setting up officials.

Richard do you think Tenn is leader for Haynes King?

Also, do you think Chandler has pushed other recruits away, for example Haynes.

I believe it’s Ole Miss, Auburn, Tennessee or A&M for Haynes. No idea where he’s leaning.

As far as Chandler, I believe guys focus on the depth chart. It’s somewhat crowded right now at Arkansas.

Thanks Richard.

Here’s to hoping King goes to Tennessee because I don’t want to see him for 4 years in the West…he is a talented talented QB man!

I can’t imagine he would want to go to Auburn right after they just signed the number two quarterback in the country

Didn’t Haynes King visit Fayetteville a while back? I thought we had a pretty good shot at him, and had heard whispers he was perhaps our #1 target. Have we backed away from him, or has he decided to drop us from his list? I noticed you didn’t mention us in his top 4 above.

Haven’t backed off. Traylor was at his school today. I just don’t see him coming.

Ok, thanks.

It would be great to have him but the more you think about it, we are stocked with Hicks, Starkel for 2 years and Jefferson right behind him. In my opinion we are in a very good position at QB at this time (provided no unforeseen injuries) so that may have also played a part as well.

We’ll be fine, we are going to get the coach’s 3* son we don’t need these highly rated QBs including the home state kid.

A 3 star offered by Clemson and OU if I remember correctly.

I’m sold and don’t really care what his last name is.

Tell you what, you get a job paying a few hundred thousand a year to evaluate high school talent, then we might give a rip what you think about who we recruit.

Is QB Criswell from Morrilton still in the mix? 2020?

Apparently, that ship has sailed.

You do realize that 3 star is an Elite 11 finalist, UA all American, with offers from Clemson, Auburn, Oklahoma…

He’s not exactly chopped liver

He’ll finish as a four star too. You don’t make elite 11 finals, on top of the UA all American game as a 3 star typically. There are some sites that will bump him during their next evaluations
ESPN has him in the top 250, a 4 star.

I agree Dudley I too trust my judgement in what i see in him,he’s obviously been very well coached and is very accurate and has good speed and very good arm,We are about to have the most talent at QB that we have ever had…I wonder what KJ thinks about all this??no way I see us keeping all of them.Noland may focus on BB but I really am high on him too but they may end up happening.

I didn’t ask if you care and don’t give a rat’s #$$ whether any of you agree or disagree. The simple fact is the people that do this for a living say there are much better options and we appear to be settling for personal reasons.

Who says there’s much better options and that this is only for personal reasons?