Chandler Morris highlights … ighlights/

I have been hearing about him, but these highlights are real highlights in so many ways. Love the poise and how he looks over the field finding what seems like the right target (must be a coaches son).

Richard? How do the rules handle a situation like this? There can’t be a dead period when a Dad cannot see his son? How about only one Head Coach visit? It goes on.

Wonder how he feels about playing for his Dad or how his Dad feels about coaching him. This will be interesting.

Hope he stays away from A&M.

I do not claim to be a judge of talent but man can he spin the ball. Frankly do not think that playing for dad is the best idea for a number of reasons, same as rules and laws against it in government and business. Think that every move will be open to criticism and what the other players think, suspect that recruiting could be hurt as well. Lots of good reasons that this is not accepted practice. Having said, man can he spin the rawhide.

I feel the same way. For he and his Father’s sake, I think it may be best for him to play somewhere else.

Kid does have talent though.

We don’ t know but he might want to play for his dad. Nevertheless, glad his dad gets to see him play on Friday nights. Sure he is proud of his football success as well as other qualities.

No restrictions since they’re father-son.

He’s open to playing for his dad and to be honest I think that’s whats going to happen. That’s nothing he’s told me, but just my gut.

I like his speed and elusiveness also.
If he stays healthy, he will something special to watch.

Great looking prospect you can tell he’s a coach’s son… very advanced in his technique…

This is what sold me on his speed.

He has all the tools! no way he’s not a 4*.

I agree Youdaman…he is legit 4 star quality already. His poise in the pocket, ability to go through progressions to look off defenders and then deliver perfectly thrown balls is fantastic for just a Junior. He will only get better next year and progress from there. One thing I notice when he passes he really seems to plant that front foot with authority and really sling it!! He seems to be very close to his dad and wouldn’t be surprised if he dad play for him.

Yes he’s very advanced he knows how to look off the secondary and has excellent mechanics… would love to have him.

He has some pretty good Receivers too. Wonder how many of those are under class men also.

Hard to believe he could put up those kind of numbers, win a state championship, and only be second team All State. Reminds a little of Baylor’s Charlie Brewer. If we could keep and develop him and KJ Jefferson, Our QB situation would probably be as good as it has ever been.