Chandler Morris Dallas Nike Regional MVP

of the QBs. There were 47 QBs signed up to participate.

Not surprised at all…Hope we can get him.

He threw the prettiest ball on a go route with the ball just over the outreached hand of the defender and into the hands of the receiver. Perfectly thrown. No other way to say it. I thought there’s no way of him completing the ball because the DB had great coverage but he did.

You can tell he’s a coach’s son he’s got everything you need to be a great quarterback.

Unreal accomplishment for this young man! He can ball man!

I’m not sure if Chandler signing with Arkansas is actually a good thing for him, our coach or the program.
It could place added pressure in the QB room knowing that everyone else is competing with the Head Coaches son. I remember when Tubby Smith had his son Saul playing for him at UK it was not the best situation for many UK fans wondering if their were better players that weren’t offered a scholarship or playing time during those years.
Something to think about.

Go Hogs!

Chandler is about to be invited to the Elite 11 QB camp. You don’t get Elite 11 because of who your dad is, you get it because you can flat out ball. Kyler Murray went. Josh Rosen went. Dwayne Haskins went. Notice I just rattled off a first round pick and two guys who will be first round picks next month. (Ben Hicks went too). Trevor Lawrence went, speaking of future first round picks.

So did Austin Allen.

Thank you Clay for helping to make my point.
Remember how many fans were so hard on both of the Allen brothers and their dad wasn’t even an active coach on the staff during their time much less the Head Coach. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be considered for Chandler to sign with Arkansas, but it could cause some unneeded attention and distraction.
I never said the kid can’t play either, just that it might be best for all if he signs elsewhere.

Go Hogs!

If Chandler does not end up at Arkansas, it really would not bother me unless he went to another SEC school. He is a talented kid, without doubt. But you can’t just ignore the family component.

It will be a lot more stressful because he apparently is very talented. If he was a marginal prospect that was clearly just in the program to start his path to a coaching career that would be one thing. That’s a lot easier situation for everyone, because everyone but maybe the guy who thinks he should be the fourth string QB understands that the kid is not there to displace a better player.

But a potentially elite level guy creates a lot of tension both on the team and in the family. He either has to be clearly better or clearly worse than the next closest guy or there will be lots of potential for trouble. So Chandler and family have a lot to consider.


So did Austin Allen.

[/quote]Unfortunately, AA drew the CBB small straw (like the rest of us).