Chandler Morris commits to the Hogs

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Welcome Chandler. We are proud to have you in the family

Woo pig! The kid can play

big-time player can make all the throws for sure!! very smart and been well coahced,the only thing anyody could possibly say is he is not real tall but his technique and overall field awareness make up for it…WPS!!


Can you give us an opinion on the differences between JSJ and Chandler? Seems like their stats, both size/wgt & football #'s, are about the same. Many people believe JSJ will never see much playing time because the competition is better than he is… and due to his size. What makes Chandler stand out so much more from an evaluation & potential standpoint?

Will this have an impact on recruiting of quarterbacks, when recruits know they will be competing against the head coach’s son? QB is one position where one player gets most PT.

Hope this works out for both Chad and Chandler. I recall numerous threads on this forum about Brandon and Austin Allen and their Dad being the assistant coach

Great news…here’s hoping for the best for Chad and Chandler.

Like it!

I agree.

Not only a huge get for Arkansas, but a big risk for Chandler considering he’s been wanted by Clemson, Oklahoma and others…5’ 10" and all.


They are both winners, are highly productive and can make all the throws needed.

Chandler said today that he was 5-11 and I buy that considering he was measure in his socks at the Nike Camp and the fact that he is taller than my 5-9 self.

I would say that JSJ is probably more my size.

As for differences, I’ll be honest and note that I have not watched both enough to be confident in an overall analysis.

But obviously the college head coaches see something that has made them hand out a better offer list.

I am going to see him again today and will be at the Nike Elite 11 QB camp in Frisco where both he and Jacolby Criswell will be June 28-30.